Friday, January 20, 2012

her new Glasses

In the Studio of our Lives today. . . this one tells me she wears glasses now. 

You see, "the best Nana ever" took her to see Beauty and the Best in 3-D Wednesday while we were at our home school debate club.                      

I am told "IT was the best day ever!" 


She is "never taking the glasses off again" because they "remind her of  the Best Nana Ever and she misses the best Nana so much when they are not together."            


  1. You captured a sun flare along with your girl!!! Beautiful...:-)

  2. Hmm, they seem to be inspired by Roy Orbison.

  3. Those glasses are fabulous- gave me a big smile!

  4. Awww, she is so sweet! Thank God for Nanas!

  5. Aww... she is so sweet! Sounds like a wonderful Nana day! :)


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