Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just the two of us

The other day I was talking to my youngest;  we were talking about spending time together and how wonderful it was that it was just the two of us. . . alone at last . . .without. . .the other kids.

She told me she didn't really see why she had to share me with everyone else and sometimes it was just hard for a girl like her. 

As we talked, I  could see her little heart filling with pure Joy and that it was dripping with Love.

She was eating up the attention I was giving her and I was thrilled with the attention she throwing my way. It felt good to be alone with this little daughter of mine. . .just the two of us.  She took a deep breath and sighed. I could tell whatever IT was  that was on her mind was big. I could see whatever it was that she was going to say next would be ever so loving. 

I was ready. 

In her sweetest most serious little voice she says ~ "Mommy, I just love . . .

"Nana."      "She's the Best".  

and I smiled and laughed at myself. . . and then I said very seriously and lovingly ..."Yes, my darling she is the best." "She is the best Nana ever. "



  1. Your blog is fantastic !!!!!


  2. Nanas are the best. And so are moms who take the time to listen. =>

  3. Sooo. Are we ready for Milli Lewis Modeling yet?? Very cute pictures and post.

  4. Ah, that is so sweet! Adorable photos!

  5. hah - my kids each THRIVE when they get one on one time with me!

  6. so sweet. thanks for showing off!

  7. She's just Simply Sooooo CUTE, Lisa!

  8. Lovely photos of your beautiful daughter!

  9. what a cute post! nana's are the best :)

  10. ah...that is adorable. I love that hat!

  11. What awesome photos of your beautiful girl!! Nana's are well as mom's who can spend one on one time with their precious little ones:)

  12. So sweet!!! I love it!!

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