Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Heart the Best Face of May

I heart faces is having a "best face photo/people's choice" challenge for the month of May.  

Since I'm pretty partial to this face and I feel like these little challenges are helping with my photo skills, I thought I would post this picture.  I love how the blue glasses brings out the color of  Liz's eyes in this photo.   

                           I Heart Faces ~ Give it a try. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Slipping right into Summer

I really don't have anything to say today except; this is my favor photo this week. I was just taking photos, practicing really and I came up with this. 

I just love the brightness of it all. The motion of Kathryn's strokes in the water. . . By the way ~ In the South, we have slipped right into Summer.  Have I mentioned that the pool is open? 

Artist in the Making

On this very rainy Friday morning, "In the Studio"  today 

we are working on a little self portrait. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

. . . I did???

So the other day, I was talking to one of the kids about something in the kitchen. I can't even remember now what the conversation was about. Matthew sidled up to me, tucking me into his arm.  

He said very sincerely, "Mom, I would just like to thank you for home schooling me."  I said, "What???" He said, "I just want to tell you: home school is the best thing you could have done for us. I know it was a lot for you to home school me. I just wanted to thank you. I realized when I was talking to someone the other night, you not only gave me a great education, you taught me how to think."  

I said in Awe. . .

~  I did? ~ 

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Best Friends and a little bit of Yellow

The photo challenge this week over at I Heart Faces is Yellow.

This is a photo I took of Mary Elizabeth and her "Best Friend" Madalyn Grace. The girls were waiting, with much anticipation, for an outing to the park with "the best Nana ever". . .Nana Grace.

~ A Grand Party for a Grand Lady ~

The party was grand I tell you! Just GRAND! 

The table was set with only the best: Waterford, silver,  and fine china.

The cake was made of chocolate, chocolate and a little chocolate thrown in for good measure. 

We invited new friends,

dear friends and their daughters, 


and dear, dear friends of years gone past. 

The grandchildren came. 

They wore their finest. 

Of course Auntie and her Jim were there. They would never miss such an occasion. 

Aunt Georgia drove in from Florida and was the prize of the evening. 

There was great conversation, 

singing, a little bit of singing, then of course there was singing and don't forget  "the song"

a little bit more cake, laughter and tears of joy.


There was real happiness. 

Happiness that fills your heart with pure joy ran through the house that night.  You could just feel it.  It was a grand party for a grand lady.     

         ~  Just as it should have been. ~ 

"I believe in loyalty. When a women reaches an age she likes, she should stick with it." ~ Eva Gabor

Ni Hao Yall

Unknown Mami

Monday, May 16, 2011

About the Party Later. . .First the Song

The birthday party was amazing! I can't wait to tell you all about it. I wish you could have all come.  Everything was perfect. 


Today, I want to share the song Margaret and her friend Audrey wrote and sung for our mother.  It was a smashing hit! 

Audrey's son, Adam, played the song to the tune of the hit T.V. show "All in the Family".   

Gracie’s Birthday Song

(Sung to “All in the Family” theme)

Our Gracie’s sweet as she can be,
Came from a big family,
Born back on the 12th of May,
This is her day.

Grew up with a rowdy crew,
Bernie, Ed and Carolyn too,
Don’t forget there’s Bob and Ray and Ann an Oh! Mary Lou.

From Boston she moved to the South,
Some thought she had a big ol’ mouth,
Talking about politics,
Who could you blame?

Married her Prince and it was grand
They built Coachwood’s Graceland,
Married 58 swell years,
She was his Dear.

She danced and sang out in the rain,
Til she got some sharp knee pain,
She headed for the mystery books,
And she CAN cook!

Her Carolina cake with fudge icing,
Has us running and a slicing,
She says, “Who cares how it taste!?”
“But don’t set that table in haste!!”

Takes her grandkids on those special flings,
And she sure likes pretty things,
Can solve your almost anything,
She’s generous too.

Loves to garden, travel, go to Mass
Not much into fishing bass
Chocolate, yes and movies too
This gals no fool

Loves her kids and grandkids too,
But mess with her and she’ll get you,
Love this lady oh so much; we called her cuz Georgia up.

Turning 80 ain’t so bad.

Can’t wait til 100’s had,

Life with Gracie’s always rad,

Song written and Sung by: Margaret Hoverath and Audrey Mosley.

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I Heart Flowers . . .Just Because

This week on I Heart Faces the challenge is flowers. 

These are flowers Mark brought home for me last week. . . just because.    I'm not sure of the name of these, but I sure did enjoy them. 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I can keep a secret!

It's someone's birthday today and I was told not to say a word. 

Geee, I won't! 



Like I said in my last post. . . I can keep a secret! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

~ The Big Secret ~

This week is dragging on. There is so much to do with little time to do it all. 

There is school to get done and all the other household things that go along with a famly.                                   

~ Sometimes the load just seems so heavy. ~ 

Then of course the lazy days of summer are fast approaching and this makes  our day to day things even harder to focus on.   

The exciting news I haven't told you about this week is there is a GREAT big party coming up.  I'll tell you who it is for later. I'm not suppose to say anything. 

If there is one thing I can do it is keep a secret.  So you didn't hear any of this from me.  

. . . We are all very excited . . .  

Did I say the party is a secret? Do me a favor and don't say anything. 

I better get back to work. . . .You know what they say, "a woman's work is never done". . . and of course there is "the big party" we are having for our mom to get ready for. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Weavers of the Fabric ~

It has been said that woman are the weavers of the fabric of society. For without woman we would not have the family.  Without woman we would not have the guidance or the  direction of our mothers. 

My father would say, woman are the strength of society and most importantly the strength of the family. He would say, emotionality woman are the stronger sex. He would also say, It is woman who make or break the family. 

In honor of Mothers this week, the theme over at I Heart Faces is Motherhood.   

This photo is of my niece's daughter and my mother,  the child's great grandmother. This is the photo that says motherhood to me.  

In this photo I see the  gentle guidance a woman gives to the ones she loves throughout her life. I see how a mother holds a hand dearly when one needs it and then somehow that woman gently points in the right direction, like only a mother can.  

Happy Mothers Day!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Eeeek!!! It Happened!

Some of us have been praying really hard for this to happen and IT did

 I just wanted to let ya'll know, 

the pool IS open! 


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Sweet Shot Day

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Heart Soft & Sweet

 The subject this week over @  I heart Faces is  Soft & Sweet. 

Now, tell me. 

What's  softer or sweeter  then a loving nana reading a story to her tired little grandchild?