Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Y'all

You better watch out 

You better not cry 

You better not pout, I telling you why

Santa Claus is coming to town

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

this Bokeh thing

Bokeh or no Bokeh 

Okay, I know what your thinking. . . The kid on the left is blurry. 

I'm not even sure if this is Bokeh or not. But, my lights come out fuzzy and soft, and isn't that the look we are trying to achieve with Bokeh? If you just look at my oldest girl and the lights behind her, this photo isn't that bad really.  AND that kid on the left. . .wouldn't sit still. She actually thinks this whole Bokeh thing is all about fun and games.  She doesn't understand how serous the Bokeh is.  

What do expect. . . she's 5.

This morning, Cindy from  12 Tribes  was nice enough to send me links that helped her learn Bokeh. I'll  give it another try later. . .when I have some time.  Or maybe I should just do it now.  However, I must tell you something ~ I think this Bokea thing is driving me a little crazy! and there are only 5 days left until Christmas.    

                                                                       5 DAYS!!!          

                                                                  Our World Tuesday ,
                                                                         My 3 Boybarians

Friday, December 16, 2011

Cheating on the Bokeh

Some of us have finished with all our Christmas shopping.  

and then again, some of us haven't even started. 

Some of us are still trying to figure out Bokeh for crying out loud! and then again, some of us can't even remember how to spell bokah bokeh.    How can I go shopping when there is bokeh to learn?                   

Do you want to know what I have done?   

I cheated on the Bokeh. . . I did! Shhhhhh don't say anything.        Now that I'm finally done with Bokeh. . . I can think about something else. Like, what in the heck am I going to get my kids for Christmas?     Did you know there are only like 7 days left?  

Did you hear me???      7 DAYS!!! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Would this be Bragging?

Would it be bragging if I told you, my bloggy buds, "my bearded baby" made the Dean's List in his first term of college ? 

You know, for this home-school mom, who doesn't get out much, or have friends that she talks face to face very often. . . other you then you guys of course. . .    This is big and I just wanted to tell you.                     And then, on the other hand ~  If this is bragging, and I should just keep this kind of thing to myself . . .well . . . forget I mentioned it. 


Deb Duty Photography/This and That Thursday
Our World Tuesday

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

~ V ~ for VERY excited!

Hey! Look Y'all!!! 

??? Did you see ???

Scattered Horizons

I won a photography award 

for this picture! 

Emily from Scattered Horizons Photo Blog  liked my photo enough to pick it for her Tone on Tuesday contest. . .

and I'm just so VERY excited I'm running around telling everyone . . .especially you guys, my best bloggy friends.   


NO! I'm not Worried

If I didn't know better, I would think someone has been snapping pictures of herself with my camera. 

If I didn't know better, I would assume this someone is very please she has figured out just how this photography thing works; 

and maybe, she is a little taken with the fact that this "thing" doesn't seem that hard. . . to her. 

It doesn't bother me at all that this someone seems to be taking very nice pictures.  In fact, the next time I see this kid with my camera, I think I should take it from her quickly help her with her subjects.  

Just so nothing is miss handled.

I mean after all . . .her angeling is a little off. 

Okay, WAY OFF! 

Did you notice? 

Even though I have been studying photography and lighting and all things camera for quite sometime, I'm not worried at all that my five year old can take, maybe able to take a picture better then me.  

Yes, in fact, I'm very excited for her. 

very excited. . .yup! 

No! I'm Not worried at all. . .

maybe I should just hide my camera from now on.  You know, just so she doesn't hurt herself.  


Monday, December 12, 2011

First Love

Have you ever had an old fling that just set your heart on fire every time you saw an old photograph of him again? 

This is mine. My first love. . .and then I meet my husband

I have to say ~ even though I traded in my cowgirl boots for a family ~ this, once upon a time, was my one and only love and. . . sometimes I miss him. 

Link to I Heart Faces
  I heart faces and Favorite Furry Faces

Saturday, December 10, 2011

the foolish Window

There once was a grand, but lonely window that needed a home. Even though, this lonely window was stunning and strong, like most things it could not stand alone. This made the window sad . . . all it wanted to do was simply brighten a room and have a place to call home. 

Because the window was so grand it could not be in just any room. The room had to be an epic, strong room to support the weight of the window.  

Now you see, the window was foolish and just couldn't understand why he of all windows, couldn't just be a window and let the sun shine through. After all he was big, strong, and a glorious window in size, all by  himself. 

Why would he, of all windows, be left in a dark, dusty room? 

But a wiser man, known as the Visionary, knew that nothing could stand alone. The Visionary knew, everything worth something needed support.  This wise but simple lesson the Visionary not only lived, he taught his whole life through

So the window waited. . . in a dark, dreary and dusty cell like room. 

  And it waited, 

                                               and it waited, 

                                                                                               and it waited. 

Until one day the Visionary's son and his wife had a dream to remodel their home. In this special dream, the pair wanted the window to have a special place of his own. For they too thought the window was grand.  This made the window very happy. He wanted to move in right away. 

But, he couldn't. 

Everyone but the window knew these things take time. 

First of all: a window like this needed a large frame and strong walls for support. But, before frames and walls could be built, all dreams have to dreamed. Then of course, those dreams have to be formed into plans. Plans have to be drafted and drafted and drafted again. And this, much to the window's disappointment, would take a very, very long time. 

One day, as the Visionary was growing weak, his son , the Craftsman, went to his father and told his father all about about this grand and lovely window. The son told his father he wanted the window to live with him and where he had dreamed the window would be. 

Now the story goes, before the visionary closed his eyes and bid farewell, he set right to work and he gave as only he could give ~  by: teaching, listening and dreaming the dreams of other dreamers. And most importantly, for the window, the son, and that moment in time, the Visionary did what he always did ~ he carefully and most lovingly, placed all those dreams onto paper.  . . so the dreams of all the dreamers could become reality through the hands of his first born son, "the Craftsman"

And though it took time. . . the window grew impatient. He wanted what he wanted ~ and he wanted it all to be done right away. Sadly, the Window didn't know the Visionary had gone. 

So for a moment, more time stood still. 

Until the Craftsman picked up the plans  again that his father had so lovingly and carefully drawn. With a heavy heart, the son decided he must carry on. 

Even though the Visionary had gone, his spirit remains close by. This we know is true, because, the Visionary's first born son was wise, like his father.  He knew better then the window. The Craftsman knew, from the lessons of his father, the foolish window must have a strong foundation, good support and the perfect plan to stand strong.  

There was so, so much to do.  To the window, the work seemed to last forever.

and then . . .at long last! 

The young, strong, proud walls ~ the old, wise, steady bricks from the mill, now stood ready to support the foolish, impatient but lovely window. 

Even though the house was not finished, the window rejoiced ~ for he was finally out of that dark and dreary room.  The window had a place to shine.     A place to finally call home. 

Once again. . . Not the End


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Upside Down & other things

I'm posting a picture of this little guy today for many reasons. 1.) He is just the cutest little guy you'd ever want to meet. 

2.) the theme goes perfectly with ABC Wednesday and the letter U.
3.) I just love a three year old. 
4.) He is just the cutest little guy you'd ever want to meet. 


Tuesday, December 6, 2011


 I heart faces is asking for photos of feet this week. 

This was the standard look in our house for quite sometime. Thankfully,  these days,  Kathryn has traded in her beautiful black boot for a matching pair of plain, old, ordinary shoes. 

Link to I Heart Faces

Monday, December 5, 2011

Very Soon

Wait a minute. . .

THIS is December? 

I have so much to tell you, so many pictures to show you. 

But. . . not today. . . soon. Very soon! 



      Communal Global

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

just Smile darn it!

I'm beginning to wonder if my obsession desire to learn as much as I can about photography and taking a decent photograph is over whelming slightly bothering one of my favorite models. 

It has come to my attention ~ when I ask her to simply act natural and smile I'm getting a lot of strange faces.  

 I may be over thinking this thing, but lately I've been getting a lot of poses like these. 

A few weeks ago, when I asked her to smile like she always does. . . she did this

and said, "I don't remember how."

In my frustration, I want to say "Just smile DARN IT! and Be Happy while your at it!" but, that never seems to work. 

 All this got me thinking. . . Could it be ME???  Could I be the problem???  So, I put my camera away for a few days. . .  I thought of how I really had to change the way I'm approaching this photography thing and just relax a little. Because maybe it's me and not my subjects.      So I took a good look and wondered . . .

Could possibly be making her nerves??? 

When I pulled my camera back out . . .  I came up with this photo.   realized we were having fun and I wasn't making a big deal out her perfect smile, she was just doing it. 

Now if I can just remember this,  maybe, just maybe,  I won't have to find a good therapist to reverse all the damage I have caused by saying "SMILE" ~ "No! not like that!" 
"Be Normal ~ Just smile darn it!"


Monday, November 21, 2011

Without even thinking

I know this picture is a bit blurry,  I know it's hard to see her face,  I know it's really not even a great picture. What you don't know is, I was almost running to keep up with them.  She was falling a sleep on his shoulders and it just tickled me so,  I had to snap this shot. Now that I think about it all, maybe this is why I wanted to share this little moment in time with you. 

The beautiful fall colors. The warm sun beaming down. 

It was just one of those perfect days. 

We spent a full day hiking in the mountains that day.  She was so tired after all the walking and climbing, she finally had had enough.  Like most good men, Mark carries the weight of the world on his shoulders.  When he is with her, ''the apple of his eye'' his burdens are light, his worries are few. Without even thinking, he swept her up, placed her there without missing a beat and we kept moving on.  ~ Just like we always do. 

                                                                Communal Global

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ice Cream & the Mexican Hat Dance

Tomorrow is Alexander Micheal's birthday. He will officially be 11.


So yesterday, we took him and started the celebration the only way we knew how. . . 

 by eating ice cream while he learned the Mexican hat dance. 


Friday, November 18, 2011

"Hey! Occupy Wall Street guys!

If this blog is anything, it is NOT a political blog. I have never once mentioned my point of  view  here.  Today, I have to tell you. . . This morning I was listening to NPR. They were doing a story about Occupy Wall Street . The spokes man on the news talked about this great Occupy cause. I listened with empathy and interest.  While I listened,  I thought Yes! Yes! Yes! Insurance companies and Banks are taking over the world. It's about time someone spoke up and did something.  

When it comes to politics, I have become one of the cynical ones. I feel, the reason gas is so high is the oil companies have some Washington big wig in his or her pocket. It seems to me everyone involved is making a lot money. So way lower the prices?  We'll pay. My cynicism has gotten so bad, I rarely listen to the news anymore. 

As I listened today, for the first time in awhile, the Occupy Wall Street spokes guy came on and told his story in a rally cry. As he spoke his words the crowd repeated word for word after their beloved spokesman of the day.  

~ The chants went like this ~ 

"I'm unemployed." The crowd chants "I'm unemployed" "I can't find a job" again the crowd chants "I can't find a job" in my mind I think "Yeah! Yeah! You tell'em! It's tough out here! I know so many people looking for work, people without insurance, fighting to keep their home! You Go Guy!"  The guy goes on to say "I live with my parents." the crowd cries "I live with my parents." and in my mind I think ~ "Wow! that's tough..." and I wait for the rest... the guy goes on to say "and I'm 25" I think huuuu??? the crowd chants... "and I'm 25!". The chant ended there. . . in my mind I hear the scratching of an old record player coming to a halt and I think ~ 

THAT'S IT???  

 . . .THAT'S IT??? 



??? WHAT??? 

Why don't they have the uninsured construction worker guy who's wife is sick with cancer chanting that rally cry? Why don't they have the single waitress mom who's trying to raise her children alone speak for america? How about the man with two part time jobs, with a chronic illness, struggling to keep his family together and keep the family home?

Oh! Yeah! those guys have real problems and need to keep going so they don't fall over from exhaustion. They can't take time to occupy wall street. 

and I think . . . GEEEEEE! 

THAT WAS THE BEST GUY THEY COULD GET??? a guy that's 25 who lives with his parents? 

"Hey! Occupy Wall Street guys! I'm sure you have a great cause and all but, I don't get it. I know I told you I don't follow the news. . . but I have to say What's your cause ???  Maybe you should get a leader for crying out loud! Then get someone to speak for you with a real hardship story. Get someone that has been through something. Not a 25 year old who lives with his parents. Get someone with kids to do those chants! Find someone that has really been through it. Maybe someone that has to worry about how they are going to feed their family, keep their home or just take care of simple medical needs." You won't even have to look hard. We are out here.  

I also want to tell that guy that lives with his parents. "Go home! Clean your room! Do the dishes in the sink while your at it. Stay off facebook and find someone you can help!." Stop wasting tax payer money on your silly issues.  Your mother would appreciate it. 


Did you know. . . Thanksgiving is next week!??! 

She's ready. . . Are you?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Because you Need to Know

Did you know November is Lung Cancer awareness month? 

All over the country there will be fundraisers to raise much needed monies for Lung Cancer research. November 12, 2011, was the Caine Halter Lungs4life 5K  run  in Greenville, S.C..  It's a great little run.  If you live in Greenville and went down to support Lungs4life, We would like to thank you. If you don't live in the area and you find there is a Lung Cancer 5K or a one mile fun run that supports lung cancer research ~  please help by signing up for  this race.  You may think it does not matter, but surprisingly patients of Lung Cancer  and those who have lost loved ones to Lung Cancer need you to be there to hold them up and to keep them strong. Most of all, Lung cancer research needs your money to find a cure. 

Don't worry about being in shape or even being a runner to do this fund raiser. ~ The thing you need most is a loving heart.~  

Surprisingly, Lung Cancer does not get the support it deserves. You don't have to be a smoker to get lung cancer. 

 Lung Cancer is out there and it is a killer.

People that shouldn't even have Lung Cancer die from Lung Cancer everyday . Did you know: Lung cancer remains the leading cancer killer in men and women in the Uniting States among every ethnic group, yet still receives the fewest research dollars. Lung cancer causes 1 in every 3 cancer deaths and took 156,940 lives in 2010.

Let me repeat that. . . Lung Cancer Kills more people in the United States then any other cancer. . . and receives the fewest dollars.

 I wonder. . . how could that be? 

Is it because smoking and Lung Cancer have a stigma?

 It shouldn't.

Never smoked! 

These are hard the facts: 

Lung Cancer is the Leading Cause of Cancer Death in Women and Men

We know these hard, cold fact personally.  Lung Cancer hit our family like a fright train six years ago.  Lung Cancer killed our father. Lung Cancer killed my mothers husband of 56 years. Lung Cancer changed our lives. Lung Cancer burned a whole in our hearts.  

My father never smoked. He never lived with smokers. He exercise everyday of his life. He even exercised  in bed when he couldn't get up anymore because the lung cancer took over his body.

 Don't think just because you live a healthy life style you won't be affected. Lung Cancer doesn't care. Anyone can get lung cancer. 

So as I said before, if you hear about a Lung Cancer run this month. . .get out and support. It really doesn't matter if your a runner or not.  We just need you!