Monday, June 27, 2011

A Ton of Whimsy

 The assignment over at I Heart Faces is A Touch of Whimsy

Okay, so maybe I went over board on the "touch of" whimsy today.  

But, doesn't this photo just scream whimsical to you? You can't help but laugh and feel good as , soon to be, 9 year old Brian joyfully jumps into the pool in such an energetic and whimsical way.  

I Heart Faces &  A Ton of Whimsy


  1. Anonymous27 June, 2011

    and.....quick to follow is the little girl in the background. Great picture, you captured him.

  2. Love the expression! Good catch. :)

  3. Always with the tongue?? G

    Great picture! Love the mid air action.

  4. Someone is having loads of fun, great timing!


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