Thursday, October 21, 2010

Black and White. . .Thursday?

"Isn't it fun when the blogging world and the real world collide and come together.".  . At least I think that is what my new friend Ellie said. 

You probably know her from the blog Shine!

She and her family not only moved from Australia to the state I live in, they moved to a town about 15 miles from us.  

How cool is that?

On Monday Elizabeth and I set out to meet Ellie and her daughter Tia at the park.

Tia's mom and I hit if off right away. As Ellie said, we have been leaving comments on each other's blogs for awhile.  We kind of already know each other. 

However, it took a little while for the girls to be comfortable enough to loosen up and play. 

Tia and Mary Elizabeth

Okay, the truth is, it took my girl a little awhile to loosen up and play. 

My, Mary Elizabeth is cautious when it comes to meeting new people. She likes to take her time to  get to know the person. She wants to form her own opinions. It seems she wants to weigh the emotional commitment that a relationship may involve. You can see her thinking. . .Is it worth it . . . or??? 

There are some people that know this all to well. . .((right Karen?. . . BUT! She loves you now! You know she does.))

Tia is a vibrant child. 

She seems to have a take life by the horns attitude and just figures "You love me!" 

They say opposites attract. 

I am sure these too little girls are going to be great friends in time. They seem to have a few things in common. . . They share the same July birthday month. They are both four years old and they have older siblings that just adore them. 

After the park Elizabeth and I went to the giant pumpkin patch in town and shared some thoughts about the day. We walked around, looked at the pumpkins and talked about things


My little thinker thought about things.  Later on that day, she told me she decided three things. 

One: It will be nice to have another little girl to play with sometimes.

Two: Tia will be a good new friend to have. 

And most importantly THREE ~ When she saw my pictures she decided, "Our shirts look much better with color on them." 

the long road

Go and see The Long Road to China's addition. . . The road just got shorter. 


  1. What a wonderful opportunity! Yeah for new friends!

    I wanted to also so thank you so much for your thoughtful, warm comments!

  2. I had the privilege of meeting a blogging friend who not onlyu came to see me to gather some bulbs, but called me when I was in the hospital near her recently

    It is a great experience.

  3. Hi-

    great story, wonderful pictures. I love when lives come together in real time - wow, big applause!!

    Love Gail

  4. Neat. I just heard about her new friend Sunday! "Mom? What's my friends name again?!!

    I like the color picture too! It shows they are both "peaceful loving" t-shirt people. :-) Marg.

  5. Oh, this is a great story with terrific pictures! Glad that your daughter warmed up!


  6. That is so cool. I'd love it if a fellow friendly blogger moved closer to me. What a wonderful experience for you all.
    ..Love the pictures..


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