Monday, October 11, 2010

Just Close Your Eyes and Paint!


Well? What do you think??? I have been working so very hard on this. 

My new decor! 


Okay, Simply Sweeter and One of my many Cuzzins' BREATH! 

It's okay. 

I really didn't do this to my house. 

But, It was done to one of the rental houses.

This house is a beautiful 100 year old house just a mile from down town Greenville.  This charming little house has all the  authentic touches: wood floors, original doors and beautiful open windows for natural lighting. This house did not need an "artistic" touch.

Soooo, your not sure what your looking at huuu? 

Maybe you should take an aspirin before we start the tour. 

I'll wait. 

Really you might need it. 

Okay, ready? 

Come on in. . . It's okay . . . Well, it will be.

Let's start this little tour  in this room. It is one of the front rooms in the house. 

See, this room is not too bad. I was kind of impressed the lines were so straight and no drips. The only thing was. . .((okay, one of the many things was)). . . the paint used here and in all the rooms was for outdoor use. The paint is very heavy and thick and was VERY hard to cover.  

I think it would be best to move on directly up stairs to one of the bedrooms. 

 This process will ease us into the house. There is no need to send anyone into shock right away. 


I have absolutely NO! idea what the thought process was here, all we have are pink and purple messy lines.  

That's it. 


Moving right along, we should go back down the stairs into the kitchen. 

Here is where things really get confusing. Try to focus your eyes really good in here.

Hard to see I know.

Your seeing it right. . .little tiny brush strokes. . . all over the walls, in the drawers  and even behind the refrigerator. The molding IS painted black and where the molding stopped a stripe continued. 


WE just don't know?

Hold your breath. . . We are just getting warmed up. Now we will carefully go into one of the main rooms. You will see one of the three fireplaces. 

Notice the mantel. 

Now, aren't you glad you took that aspirin?  

Your dizzy right?

I am sure by now your eyes just don't know where to look. Notice, in the third picture. . . the painter went around the pictures that once hung on these walls.  

Do you remember in the kitchen I told you "the decorator" here moved the refrigerator and painted behind it?  

I just don't get it. 

Maybe she was tired. 

Do you do this when you paint? 

I'm just wondering.  Maybe there is a technique here I just don't get.  You know, I am just  a home school mom. . .not an artist or even a decorator for that matter. 



I saved the best for last.

. . . The Pantry. . . 


Thought I would run through this again just in case you missed it. . .

. . . the ceilings. . .

Did you realize the ceilings were painted too.  Did you realize this person painted a "molding stripe" where there was NO molding with thick, shiny outside paint?  

I had to keep going back in to see if my eyes deceived me or not.  

It was a not


What did we do? 

First we took pictures. 

Then we got our crew together by hand picking only the most qualified personal. 

 and had lunch.  

We had a system that really seemed to work.  First we primed to cover . .  EVERYTHING!  and we really tried to listen to our leader. 

But, then we decided we should throw her out and find a new one. . .Like maybe the person who decorated this cake. 

Ohhh! Cake! 

Sorry. . . back to the house. . . But, Oh! That cake. It was very yummy and so pretty! AND Since we were on the subject of decorating, I thought I would show you what Stephenie can do.

Hey!!!!  What a minute! Maybe we should have asked her to help paint?  

We put Stephen to work on the ceilings for obvious reasons and NO! he is not standing on anything. It's all him. 

Matthew worked on all the trim and all the high corners. He's no shorty. 

However, it all didn't go smoothly. . . 

I don't want to mention any names or anything. BUT! There was one person who kept telling us she was very tall and could easily reach all the high places. 

We were like "WHATEVER!!! "  "Just close your eyes and paint!

She did clean all the floors! and that made us all very happy. 


There were times that other things needed to be done.

Some of us worked on our City of Troy research papers that were due the very next day. There are NO! excuses in this home school. . . If you don't want to study there will be plenty of on the job training for your life time career.  

Study, work and then Study "More Harder"!!!! That's our school motto. 

We learn all kinds of things here! 

We learned Reiner is a happy painter. 


We learned 

Mark would yell and growl at us. When he came in to help he looked around and told us we had too many drips. He also said we were very messy. He said a lot of other things too but we have NO idea of what it was. 

We were like "Laaa, Laaaa, Laaaa" "WHATEVER!"  " Just close your eyes and paint." 

Like Margaret

I will tell you this, Mark did not yell at Reiner. Reiner came by to help us the next day.  What a minute? Is that why Reiner was so happy?  

Was he laughing at us? 

Stupid Mark! Stupid Reiner! 

Close your eyes and Paint! 


  1. You forgot to tell them that WE had Chocolate Covered Walnuts from Charleston and Hershey kisses during our contemplation and before we had lunch! (We know how to prioritize!)

    Another great family moment!!

    Dear GOD! I'm so glad it's over!

    However, I think the discovery that Karen made in finding out perhaps Reiner needs new glasses... Is classic!

  2. Um. I have several comments, but I just don't know where to start. Let me begin by saying that I would first reasonably and calmly find your tenants.......and a) give them lessons in Interior Design, or b) smack them senseless with an empty paint can. I have seen some nasty paint jobs, but you win with this one. P.S. Please make sure it is all finished before I arrive. LOL


  3. Oh, wow, that makes my eyes and head hurt. But I love the cake!


  4. Don't worry "Simply" we have special plans for you :)

    and We picked B.)


  5. I'm with Jane. My eyes are watering and my head hurts, but that cake looks fabulous. I'd go with all white, too.

  6. I can't tell you how many times I have looked at this. I'm with everyone: The cake looks fabulous, my head hurts and I say get them! Who would do something like that?

    It's great you all help each other. Your family is an inspiration.

    I love your blog but I do have one request. I am interested in hearing more about your homeschooling. What you study and just how you do it.

  7. Anonymous number two:

    Thank you very much for liking my blog and your complements about our family. They are great! and we always have chocolate around to make these times go smoother:)

    Believe it or not your not the first to ask about Home school. I hesitate giving advice. . . there are so many people much more qualified out there to ask. For us, like anyone there are days I just don't know how we do it and then there are days we are just So darn great I can't stand it :) I guess just like anything or anyone we take one day at a time.

    I just may take you up on that home school post one day so keep your eyes out. and THANKS!!! so much for liking this little blog! It just thrills me to know that.


  8. What a comunity you have to help!I think the family that lived there loved the jungle print--I had seen it when they lived there from the outside and it was like a botanial garden. Beautiful flowers. So, we are all different and have different likes and dislikes. The main thing here is the family all showed up to help like they always do. What a blessing---what else is important.

  9. I am so impressed by this blog. You handeled it beautifully, and it is all true. You forgot to mention that your "leader" left the house and went to the Children's Museum's in Greenville and had a wonderful time.

  10. Wow...I thought at first you were joking.

    Your family is awesome to get together and just help.
    BTW that goodness..does it ever look scrumptious

  11. WoW! That was amazing! I am still a little stunned over the last decorator's work. Glad we got cake!

  12. Love, love love it!!!! You are SUCH fun!!!!!! Seeing the trademark, Lisa sense of humor here1!!! Now, pass me some of that stupid...I mean, delicious cake!!!!!! :-))) I'm gonna close my eyes and EAT!!!! Love you, darlin'!!! ~Janine XOXO


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