Thursday, October 14, 2010

So SHE can feed the ducks

Stephen and I went to Furman University the other day.   There was a talk on Human Rights in Russia or something like that. He needed to go to the lecture for his debate class.  

You see, when your a home-school debate mom, like me,  you get to do these things with your kids. You get to go to lectures about Russia and learn things you just didn't know like: what the United States Sanctions are regarding Russia and whether or not the U.S. should change our policies towards Russia.  And all kinds of interesting things.


If you have younger children you get to go feed the ducks your stale French Fries instead.

This is really good for me. 

Sometimes with these lectures, I have to ask my kids: "What did he say?", "Huuuuh", "That word means WHAT again?" and  "Does Russia have one "S" or two?"

So feeding the ducks with Liz is a really good cover for me. 


When the lecture was over Stephen wanted to walk around the lake and the school. We sat and talked about Non-Russian things and I tried to get a few good pictures of the two of them looking at the camera at the same time.   

When Liz looked, Stephen looked away. . . at the ducks.


When Stephen looked, Liz looked away. . . at the ducks. 

I  just couldn't get it right.  

Until Stephen decided to change things up and be the amazing big brother we should all have.

Next week, we have to go back to Furman for another lecture on Russia. Kathryn as well as Stephen will be going to this one. We will not only learn more interesting facts about the policies the United States Government holds towards Russia, we are going to learn how to use a college library and take a tour of the school.  It should be really great and quite a learning experience for us all. I just love Furman.

Gee, I sure hope the ducks are still hungry and Liz wants to come with me. . .   You know, so SHE can feed the ducks.  


  1. What a darling post!

  2. Great pictures. I know from reading previous posts that your kids are incredibly bright!


  3. Lisa, what beautiful children!! And I don't say that lightly. ;)

    Love the swan, too.


  4. I hope to see you at Furman. I am taking a class there on Monday afternoons and learning Bridge.
    Great Pictures and sounds like a fun time for all.

  5. HI LISA-

    beautiful pictures and post with a beautiful song as a back drop. I so enjoyed it. :) Your children are lovely - adorable and so lucky. The chapters you are writing for the stories of their life are loving and life-giving. wow.

    Love to you

  6. Oh, I LOVE this!!!!! I can so relate!!! And your photos are fantastic!!! You do such wonderful posts...they make me so happy!!! Love you...and hope you get to feed the ducks again ;-)) ~Janine XO


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