Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween in a Small Southern Town

Halloween in a small Southern town can be a little scary to some of us. This year it was particularly difficult because some communities did not want to celebrate this festive night on a Sunday.  I really am not sure why but if Halloween lands on a Sunday around here. . . pardon the pun. . . .

"All Hell Breaks Lose."

Since Saturday was filled with racing for diabetes and a full 12 hours of debate tournaments, without giving it much thought, we opted to do our Trick or Treating on October 31 . . .like the rest of the country. 

To our surprise and much to our disappointment we found most of the town had celebrated the night before.  After all. . . October 31st this year had fallen on a Sunday. 

Oooops!!!! We forgot! 

You know what else I forgot to do. . .I forgot to carve the pumpkin. 

Shhhhhh don't say a word. . .No one even noticed. 


Back to the story: 

This "little" Halloween problem had us a little worried but there was noway we could disappoint our crowd. Margaret got on the phone and started calling her friends. . . Which she still has because she is not home schooling high school


 She  found a friend who told her about a community that felt Halloween only came once a year and it was a fun time for the kids. Her friend said this place did Halloween up big time on Sunday October 31. 


It was a great find! We had a great time! 

But finding a place to go was not the end of our problems:  

Liz's daddy kept eating all her candy quicker then she could say "trick or treat"  

She was getting very frustrated until Nana decided to take control of the situation and hold the candy up high so her daddy couldn't reach it

Elizabeth said her favorite part of the whole night was Nana coming with her. 

When we called it a night   

We rushed home to eat Halloween cake . . . Death by Chocolate of course!


We loved every minute of it! 



  1. HI LISA
    great pictures of Halloween fun. I don't understand why some folks changed the day - must be a religious thing, huh? strange waht folks get hung up on.

    Love to you and yours

  2. Thank you for your visit and kind comment on my post today. I do hope you come back again.
    We celebrated Halloween on Sunday night, didn't get many kids but I love to see the little ones.......:-) Hugs

  3. Good to see how the kids enjoy.

  4. Great pictures!

    So glad you guys found a place to go.

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