Monday, September 19, 2011

Between the Sunbeams

Come a little closer and look between the sunbeam and the two bears ~ you can see a joyful face. 

You know who that is. . . that's May Ree Lizzy Beth. . .the girl with many names. For her birthday,  that was in July. . . the birthday I didn't have a chance to post about. . .the fifth birthday. . .remember?  She was given two bears: One from Me. . .the light one. . .and one from "the Best Nana Ever" . . . the dark one. 

Guess which bear she kept. 
You got it!  

 ~ The Dark One ~ 


  1. stopping in from I Heart faces challenge...this is such an adorable shot!

  2. aww! Where did you get the bear at?! I've always wanted to surprise the babies with a huge stuffed animal but can never find anything extra cute. :)

  3. Oh, wow! Those bears are huge!


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