Thursday, September 15, 2011

and My Spirit Thrives

On this Fabulous Friday I am redefining the finer things in life while I embrace every moment in the Studio of my Life. . . As I embrace the beautiful gift I received in the mail a few weeks ago. 

It is a painting by one of my dear blogging friends,   Robin,  from Well of Creations. It's an original ~ Signed and everything!  The inscription on the painting says,   

"With God, My Spirit Thrives. " Psalm 31:5

 Robin sent me this painting because. . . well. . .  I really, really liked it. She read between the lines and just knew I needed a little lift. . .and you know what?  This did the trick! This adorable painting lifts my spirit and I can feel it thrive more then I can tell you.  I smile every time I see the painting and read the words written on it. This gift is just perfect for me.   With all my heart I thank you Robin. ~ Your the best!  



  1. I love that verse! That was so sweet of her to send you the painting!

  2. That was so nice! I love the painting!

  3. Love it! Love all that happened in the way you received it...and the little beauty holding it sort of just fits...we are all God's little girls, thriving in His tender care and grace!


  4. Cute photo and what an awesome painting. How sweet.

  5. How adorable- love that painting.

  6. What a beautiful gift Robin gave you! Our Lord uses all things xo

  7. That's awesome! I love how God speaks to our friends and through them we can receive just what we need.

  8. That Robin...isn't she a gem?!? What a sweet, sweet painting of truth!

  9. Very nice! Love the painting. Love the little girl holding it too!!

    FYI... She's quite an artist as well! Personally, I have a refrigerator covered in her art to prove it!

    Just curious... Does Robin know you have a sister?? :)


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