Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Once More...Black and White...Boot

This must be feature Stephen week: Sunday I posted about a bench he is making me. Today, I find myself in perfect awe at his talents again. 

Once more, I want to show you a little thing the son I call Stevie Wonder made. Last week, after one carving class, Stephen was able to come home and carve this little cowboy boot on his own. 

It may just be me, but, I'm beginning to think the kids got yet another gift.

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  1. Such an artist. The bench is so special but the boot - WOW! So authentic. Really talented. I want one for my windowsill!! ;-) Love, M

  2. That shows a lot of talent, the boot has a sense of leather and softness to it...and it's Wood!

    I have a Steve like that too, Lisa, although my Steve is 40 now. He made me a wooden bread box, clock and hope chest at that age, all still in use. Now, as a hobby he makes wood and cement park benches with carvings in the wood.

    Steve's are creative I guess!

  3. Hi,Lisa, I have come first time on your blog and became very impressed to learn a lot about the creative art regardig Boot, Good Morning>

  4. If Steven is taking orders for a, tell him I'll trade him a pan of cinnamon rolls.

    xoxox AM

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  6. Amazing job...I would think working on something so small would be even more difficult. Talented young man!

  7. It really looks better in person. Even the creases in the boot are so authentic. He is one talented kid. Hopefully, he won't take up painting because the Sistine Chapel is completed.

  8. I love that little cowboy boot that your son carved! Wow.

    Thank you so much for your sweet words over at Becky's on my interview. They really brightened my day. =)

  9. Your little Stevie Wonder is so talented. LOVE the boot. Love the picture of your little gem : )

  10. Adorable!
    Your daughter!...and the boot!!

  11. I love the B/W rendition with the colored boot. and Yes your kid has talent. That is what is wonderful about children, when they begin to show out of the ordinary talent in many ways.

  12. Hi Lisa,
    i just got caught up with your blog as I did not have the correct address. Gosh, what a talent is Steve? I am eager to see the boot and the new furniture he is making. So, the boy is a carpenter----Hmmmm?

  13. That boot is just AMAZING - the detail and workmanship looks like a pro! Bravo, Stephen, BRAVO! Excellent work!

    And the bench too! Just think, you're making furniture out of a gift from nature. And I don't know if Stephen or Mark used the stretch cables to hold the pieces together while the glue set (assuming that was what they're for), but that sure does remind me of Grandpa Advent!

    Kudos, I'm so pround (and slightly envious!) of your talent, Stephen!!


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