Friday, January 21, 2011

For All My Cousins in New England

You know I have been thinking:

 My husband really loves the Pittsburgh Steelers. His father really loved the Pittsburgh Steelers.

My husbands Grandfather was a Pittsburgh coal miner.

Mark's Dad and Matthew
Christmas 1993

So, I thought I would make a simple plea and ask ALL my New England family to Cheer for the Steelers this weekend. 

I mean after all. . .The New England Patriots are OUT of the play offs for the Super Bowl.

Did you all know that? 

If you did this simple thing..."IT" would  will make my husband so very happy.

Love and Kisses,



  1. I know very little about pro football but I'll cheer for your team.
    Go Steelers!

  2. I've never prayed for foot ball before but i can.
    cute picture

  3. Tee Hee Hee

    Your bad :) but very good :)


  4. I am SO NOT into sports - but I am cheering for whomever you say!! :-)

    Love Gail
    "Shish koom-bah,. rah- rh-rah"!!!!

  5. Well, I think you are picking on the Pat's. It is not their fault, and because it is closer to Boston...I pick the JETS. Love you Mark...don't cry!

  6. Of course, your team will win!! ;-)
    Happy New Year to you, dear Lisa!

  7. One of many cuzzins!22 January, 2011

    Ya, ya, ya....are you rubbing it in? At least we have a football team!

    It was a painful game to watch and there was alot of screaming and cursing going on during that horrible loss by our team. But, life goes on. The sun still rises and snow still falls. We'll have another chance another year.

    The Steelers huh? ABSOLUTELY you've got our support...any team is better than a New York team! Shouldn't be too hard twisting arms for that request. Go Steelers! Go Mark!


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