Thursday, August 25, 2011

the Artist

On this Fabulous Friday we are redefining the finer things in life while we embrace every moment in the Studio of our Lives. . .





and molds every piece of wood 

that he hand selected for the fine cabinetry that may have only been part of a dream turned into reality for the homes he builds and the lives he touches as only an artist can. 

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  1. Nice series of photos. I can't even imagine being able to turn pieces of wood to a functional cabinet. He's very talented.

  2. What a beautiful post. I absolutely love this. I can see the love he has for his job in these pictures. I love artists!

  3. A true artist if every there was one. I know I appreciate the attention to detail and the fine work men/women like him do. Great post.

  4. I like to think there is creativity in all of us; but some of us fail to recognize it in others or ourselves.

    If we were created "IN HIS IMAGE" the Great Creator of all time gave us some degree of creativity, too.

    I find the person who can easily emapthize and create a meaningful dialogue in difficult situations just as much an artist/artisan as the more obvious person.

    Sometimes we do not use our creativity for good, or not at all.

  5. What an amazing skill! Something that will last a lifetime, yet is beautiful, practical and useful every day!

  6. These are just beautiful captures of your brother...

  7. How touching...your brother must be an incredible man! :)
    xo Joanna

  8. beautiful! i adore the step by step with the photos... touching!

  9. I know that there is a lot of time and effort in this work...and it's beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing at Studio JRU today!


  10. I love these photos of the artist at work! Oh my goodness... the homes Bill builds... amazing! They are just beautiful. The details are amazing! :)

  11. he dejado pasar algo?


  12. I have a book on my shelf titled "Measure Twice Cut Once" that share the wisdom that can be learned from a master carpenter. Which I guess is kind of funny because Jesus being a carpenter too ;D


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