Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lungs 4 Life. . .Standing United

Editors Note: Because I have received many e-mails and comments saying the information I have in this post about Lung Cancer is vital to our community, I thought I would keep this post going for the week by playing many memes. I have also had many comments and e-mails telling me people would be putting this post on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for stopping by my little blog and taking the time to read this post.   If you need more information about Lung Cancer and it's stigmas please go to the Lung Cancer Alliance Link I have on my blog. 


The Cain Halter run was last week and since it IS a cause we ALL care deeply about, we thought we would get together and give this run our all. 

160,000 Lives in 2009! 

We know this is true because, one of those 160,000 was our father.   I will tell you this,  when you lose just one of those 160,000,  it really does feel like you lost ALL 160,000.  It's devastating to think. . . HE never smoked. He never lived with smokers. HE always lived a healthy life style. HE exercised everyday, even up to the last weeks of his life. When he couldn't get up anymore, HE exercised in bed. . .YES! In Bed.  

And still he died. . . of Lung Cancer.  

Just in case you missed that, I want to make sure you heard me; Over 60% of new lung cancer cases are never smokers or former smokers, many of whom quit decades ago.  

Because we really care about Lung Cancer and we have to change the stigma. . . we turned into Team Finnell. . .AGAIN! 

But, this time with shirts.

We hit the road! To walk. To run. To support. 

Friends came out and ran with us.  

Speaking of beautiful friends and woman heres another fact for you:  Lung Cancer has surpassed breast cancer as the leading cause for cancer death in women.  Do you know: you don't have to be a smoker to get lung cancer?  


With this in mind, we clung to each other and supported. . .like we always do. 

We made it to the end. . .Like we always do

All of us

We ran on the Faith of our Father. . .We ran with his spirit by our side.  We ran meeting people who were survivors. We ran with people who lost loved ones ,  who were runners. . . 

It effected us deeply as we thought of what was. 

 It effects us deeply as we think of the facts. We stand united AS "Team Finnell" . . . now with shirts.

Even though everyday we remember . . .There are some things none of us will ever understand.   Maybe, just maybe a little family run for Lung Cancer might help us heal, one year at a time. 

Ni Hao Y'all


  1. You nailed it again! I am so proud of my family I am at a loss of words and that NEVER happens.

  2. Did you tell me not to expect to much, that it was just a little post???? A "little post" with a BIG punch! Not to mention littered with stats I was UNAWARE of! Lung cancer surpassing breast cancer??? A friend of mine was asking me just the other day why so much attention was pushed towards breast cancer research (not that it's not important by far), but so little is given in comparison to others like LUNG CANCER (leading cancer killer-know this now because of you!) and what about PEDIATRIC CANCERS such as Neuroblastoma?????????? They're our children, for crying out loud!!! Sorry, bout to climb on my soap box! Another beautiful testament/post to your wonderful father...

  3. This is a fantastic post. So many things I didn't know. There is so much feeling here I just don't know what to say.

    That last picture took my breath away.

  4. Thank you Cleo, Once again you give me to much credit BUT! I like it :)

    The reason for low funding is the stigma that comes with Lung Cancer. There is so much more you can find out on the Lung Cancer Alliance Web page. Here is the link...if you would like to know. I also have a button on my blog that will take you to the same link.

    You can write to our senators and congress demanding FREE chest X-rays just like Free mama grams. . .There is so much to learn and so much to do. AND your right anyway you slice it Cancer STINKS!!!! mostly in our children.

    Also, since you brought it up...The Susan G. Komen fund funded the research my father was on that kept him alive for 4 years and 3 months. . .not long enough :) but this was better then the 3 months the Drs. originally gave his stage 3B lung cancer .

    xoxo, Lisa

  5. Honestly, a large part of the reason I support Susan G. Komen is because of your Dad. I'll never forget him telling me that so much of the medication he was on, came from that source.

    I'm really proud of you guys and wish I could have been there, too. My mother called to tell me what a wonderful event it was and that Margaret ran her 5K in under 28 minutes. Wow, way to go, Maggie! So, who was driving the car with the doughnuts on the back??

    Just kidding. JUST KIDDING!

    She's a running superstar. You're ALL superstars, as far as I'm concerned! :)

  6. Your dad was a GREAT man. I can see that he loved you very much and he made an impact on all of those around him. I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I am glad you can unite so many for such a beautiful cause. Praying for you as I know you must miss him mightily.

  7. You did it perfectly! I totally understand! When I was first starting to get into memes I had NO idea how to do things. None at all! This meme is a part of the one at Communal Global. I am member over there. It is a crew of about 10 woman from all over the world. Each day we enter a picture of all of our todays. On Tuesdays we open it up to everyone and we all try to put the link on our pages so we can get more interest :)

    Thank you for joining! Here is the link if you ever want to go and visit there.

    Have a great day Lisa!

  8. WOW! So many new things I learned. Thank you! I'm sharing this on Twitter and Facebook!

    I am currently praying for several with various types of cancer. Whatever kind it is, it is insidious!

    Praying for you and your family for encouragement and comfort and big hugs. :) Thank you so much for this valuable info.

  9. Thank you for sharing and spreading the word about lung cancer! I'm so glad that you were not only able to walk on behalf of your father, but on behalf of the other 160,000 that passed away in 2009.

    Visiting from Communal Global! Thank you for sharing your inspiring "today"!

  10. I agree with Cleo the awareness is less for other cancer research needs. My father-in-law and my son's mother-in-law both died of lung cancer.

  11. What an amazing post and day! You can just feel the love from all your friends and family.

  12. Kudos on this article. THe same goes for COPD. I NEVER smoked but have it worse than my husband who is a smoker.

    FOr 20 years or our 40 years he smoked in my presence until a doctor sent a letter home. No in the house no in any vehicle in which I am riding.

    He abides by the restrictions and has struggled to stop. It is a terrible addiction.

    In addition to having had COPD with associated bronchitis, I have asthma, all of which have taxed my heart.

    Excellent article and hope many read it. Thanks for participation.

  13. Great post! Thanks for sharing. Love that last shot!

  14. Beautiful post for your dad.

  15. Thank you for posting this. These are things I just didn't know. It does seem I hear more and more people dying from lung cancer lately. I can't believe over 60% are never smokers and former smokers. It's so sad. I thought you could only get lung cancer if you smoked or lived with smokers.

    I am sorry for your families lose. Your dad must have been a great man. I can feel the love in this post for him and your family.

    I am sending this post to my friends. I hope everyone reads this and more people spread the word. It's a great post!

  16. Such a lovely post...and tribute to your father! Thank you for sharing.

  17. I have a good friend who recently died of non smokers lung cancer. I hope your blog reaches those who need it most. Thanks for posting this and keeping it going.

  18. I am glad you are keeping this up! Spreading the word is such a good thing! You are the best! Praying you have a wonderful weekend!

  19. Beautiful tribute to your father... ;) My mom passed away at 51 of a rare cancer... thus Seizing My day... enjoying life and my loved ones ... because you never know...because there is SO much cancer out there!

  20. I'm sorry I have been so absent. The upcoming move (1 week away) has been consuming me a bit.

    I loved reading your post and seeing your photos - both of your family of runners - and your father. You will heal one minute, one day, one year at a time. Running will help - and what a wonderful way to do something about this horrible disease.

    Miss you friend - I hope we can get together before Christmas sometime.

  21. What a beautiful post! so many things I didn't know. Thank you for keeping this up. I may have missed it.


  22. As you know its taken me a week to respond. ;-) BUT Nice post.

    AND TO Our cousin Jen at THE AMAZING TRIPS... Oh! You know me too well!! (IT was actually TJ's peanut butter cup truck!) Next year hopefully you and Charlie will join us!

    Like the new look Lisa. Marg.

  23. What a very touching article! A lot of people may not know that you do not have to be a smoker or even get exposed to second hand smoke to get lung cancer.

    My aunt is battling lung cancer right now and it is very scary. She never smoked either.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  24. Thanks for sharing, my Sunday Snapshot also deals with bitter sweet memories and loss. Awesome post.

  25. Oh, Lisa...this is so very, very, very beautiful...I am crying as I read...thank you!!! An extraordinary post!!! I'm so glad you are leaving it up! Happy Thanksgiving, my dear friend!! Will write soon...Love you!! Janine XO

  26. Hi Lisa,
    You, I am sure are so proud of your family. Lil Mary Elizabeth had a big smile on her face as she raced the last leg with Brian: I was worried about Steve as he looked like he was about to faint as he gave it all he had; Katherine looked so alive and happy with herself as she completed the race with Alex; and as you rounded the turn to the finish line, we all commented on how you run just like your Dad---with determination to finish the race. I was proud to walk with the Finnell team and thank you all for including me in THE RACE. We are all in one, to have the best life we can. I think you are doing a remarkable job with your family.
    Nobody said it would be easy but it is fun watching them all grow into good human beings. I could not help but be impressed with all the cousins helping Joey--Your Dad would and is so proud of you all.
    What a great tribute to him this race is---I hope we can do it for many years. Your Mom and I may have to get roller blades, but we will be there with Y'all.

  27. I never comment but I check your blog often. I must say, this post is beautiful! Great information. Thank you!

  28. Beautiful Post! I didn't know these things.


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