Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Punkin It's Black and White Wednesday

Do you remember these?

The pumpkins...not the little girl...I am sure you remember her.  She is the subject of most of my photography. This is mostly because my older children are getting bored with me always "snapping" while I say "wait...I'm not more".

This is the picture my cousin Anne took the weekend of "the funeral".

I think Jen bought 17 small pumpkins and 5 large pumpkins that weekend. I remember she told me she bought that many because of  symbolism....One large pumpkin to represent each of my parent's children and one small pumpkin to represent the grandchildren. 

I can't remember how many mums she bought that day or even what the significance of the mums were but I know we she bought a load of mums ......maybe it will come back to me one day.

I do remember, I didn't want to go with her to the store but she insisted. She convinced me she would be dreadfully lost if I didn't go and she would never find her way back.  

Which was not true...She had a GPS and she lived in the area for years before she moved to California.

I figured out on the way home that day she would have been fine. I was the one who was in danger of being dreadfully lost ...and thankfully she was wise enough to see it.  

Jen filled the house with colors of happiness with warm browns, bright oranges and beautiful yellows.... pumpkins, candles and mums in every room. The house looked beautiful that weekend. Just the way our mother and father loved it. 

Back to the reason for the question.....Do you remember these?


When it was time to get rid of all those pumpkins our mother didn't quite know what to do with them: 

 So these guys

Matthew and Stephen

 took these guys

Brian and Alex
with hammers in hand, along with all the pumpkins out into the field by the compost pile.


They smashed them! 

They had a ball!  hitting them, smashing them, throwing them and watching them explode.   

Then the bees came.

and the compost pile started to flower.

and you know what happened next...

Look Jen!!!

We're growen punkins BABY!!!

the long road


  1. THIS is a WONDERFUL story!!! And what a great final line!! You are awesome! This has got to be MY favorite of the week!! Love, love, love it! And how in the heck did you get that first photo to be all black and white and the pumpkin orange??? I'm amazed by your talent! I wouldn't know the first thing about how to do that!! Hope your week is going well! Love you so much!! Janine XO

  2. Terrific! I look forward to the arrival of fall and pumpkins!


  3. Hi

    great post and amazing pictures. SO refelctive of the 'cycle of life, huh?

    Love to you
    peace and hope.......and pumpkins!!!

  4. This made me cry, then laugh and then I just concluded it's the best thing I've read in a long, long time.

    You have no idea how happy it makes me to see these beautiful bright pumpkins growing. And so is the circle of life...

    We'll see you SOON!!! :)

  5. Anonymous02 July, 2010


    Love the pictures. That picture of the bee is really good.

    I think Sniffles and Jen are right this is a favorite.

  6. Anonymous03 July, 2010

    Nice Lisa. Thanks. Love, Marg

  7. Awesome!!
    Love that you grew baby pumpkins ...the memories keep coming.
    your photos are awesome..of course you have beautiful subjects.

  8. Anonymous03 July, 2010

    This post makes me smile :) I lvoe it!

  9. Bees are great, huh?
    At least Rick was right about one thing!
    If you pass a pumpkin our way this fall, we'll share a pumpkin pie! ;)
    Isn't it amazing how God directs the people in and out of our lives in the exact ways there supposed to be? (referencing Jen here)
    BTW, Liz looks EXACTLY like you in last photo!

  10. Love the story, but fascinated by the B&W but still colored--a a trick in Photoshop or similar program?

  11. I up load all my pictures to Photobuck.

    This is the link

    I love photobuck because of the way I can play with color...the easy up load and the easy sharing...

    I do find it very hard to organize my pictures.

    I think I just have to sit down for a couple of hours and figure it all out. The problem is finding the hours!!

    I have a question too :)...How in the world do you put a signature on your photos?????

  12. Anonymous20 July, 2010

    Love! This post!!


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