Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Surprise! it's Black and White Wednesday or George's Birthday

So Bill wanted to have a Surprise Birthday party for George.

It was "The" Big One.

Not that Big one. The other Big One.

NO! The one before that one.

So anyway, Bill planned the party.

Stephenie made a cake.DSCF5818-1.jpg picture by marka5477

We all could not be leave how authentically old fashioned it looked.

And that gave me an idea....I could try very hard to get this post out in time to play Lisa's Long Road to China Black and White Wednesday.

DSCF5821-1.jpg picture by marka5477

Bill planned the party for weeks.

He told the whole family and invited all of George's friends.

DSCF5825-1.jpg picture by marka5477

Kristen came down for the fun.

DSCF5829-1.jpg picture by marka5477

There was just one problem.

DSCF5830-1.jpg picture by marka5477

George didn't know about the party.


George was not in a hurry to be at the party.

DSCF5823-1.jpg picture by marka5477

Stephenie called her dad and told him her car died at Uncle Bill's house,


she needed him to come and fix it right away.

DSCF5834-1.jpg picture by marka5477

George figured Bill would be home soon and could fix it.

He worked all day, needed to go by the store and would not rush.

After all she was okay...She was at her uncles house.

DSCF5831-1.jpg picture by marka5477

So we waited.

DSCF5852-1.jpg picture by marka5477

And we waited

DSCF5832-1.jpg picture by marka5477


We Waited

DSCF5835-2.jpg picture by marka5477

Then we had to pull out the BIG GUNS....

DSCF5838-1-2-1-1.jpg picture by marka5477

You guessed IT!

We used the B-A-B-Y!

Stephenie told her dad she had to get home...Aubry was out of food and she was screaming!

Uncle Bill would not be home for awhile. He just had to come.

DSCF5842-3-1.jpg picture by marka5477


Got him moving.

DSCF5847-2.jpg picture by marka5477

He couldn't believe all the people....He couldn't get over the cake.

DSCF5849-1.jpg picture by marka5477

The food was great.

DSCF5860-1.jpg picture by marka5477

The games were fun.

DSCF5856-1.jpg picture by marka5477

Most of all it was just a great time getting together having fun and laughing again.

DSCF5857-1.jpg picture by marka5477

There was just one thing.

George said "He wished someone would have given him a heads up.

"He would have gone home to take a shower and change before he was surprised."


  1. That cake is AWESOME!!!!!! When you combine THAT cake with George's 60's looking hippy/peace-lovin' attire and the black & white's...the entire ordeal looks straight out of a cherished family album at least a few decades old! :)

  2. lol! That's hilarious! What a great post full of family fun! You had me laughing though - Happy Birthday George!

  3. What a great story..What cherished moments all captured in no memory of it will be forgotten..PRICELESS!

  4. Happy Birthday George! I love the cake so awesome and the pictures look so vintage love that!

  5. Wish I could have been there.

    XOXO Me

  6. What a wonderful party!! It is always great when they really are surprised...... but it stinks when they are late!!

    That cake is so awesome!! Looks like everyon had a wonderful time.

    Happy Bday to George!


  7. That cake is AWESOME! LOVE IT!
    That is so funny that the Birthday Boy decided to take his sweet ole time to get there. Good thing there was lots of good food and drink!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog...I can't believe your son is THAT big....WonderBoy's doctor predicts he will be similar in size but I didn't even think about the fact that he could be 15 when he gets there! WOW!

  8. Ah, this was just pure fun!

    Its so funny you had to pull out the big guns! LOL Sometimes it does take a baby to do the work of 10! :)

    That cake is beyond words...and the conversion to B&W was perfect!

    I loved the way you shared this moment!!

  9. It really was a fun time, he looked a bit disheveled, but thats what happens when we all were surprised. How could he be 50, when I am only 49???

  10. Hahaha!! Great the surprise worked out in the end...awesome cake! Looks like the party was a success :D

  11. Oh what a great story and the photos...the B&W photos to go with it are priceless! I am sure you all had an amazing time at the party! And Happy to see George finally made it :)

    btw ~ the crazies from my post are from my side of the family lol but don't tell anyone OK....(I wish I could blame my better-half's side lol)

  12. Very cool cake! What a fun post. I really enjoyed the story telling through the images!

  13. Funny...someone gave me a vinyl record recently. I also have been looking for a nice vintage turntable! (not easy).
    And now I see your cakes! Ha!
    You guys know how to have fun!

  14. Awesome photos! Can't believe George was so late!

  15. That cake looks really cool! And I love whole old-fashioned theme you went with for these photos. Seems like it was a great party!

  16. Awesome pictures! Totally gave it an antique feel with the black-and-whites. What a fun story, too, one to remember through the years!

  17. Fantastic post, Happy birthday George, glad you made it to the surprise party. ;)
    Great shots of the festivities!

  18. WOW that was one great party when it finally happened. Maybe all the waiting made it more special.

    Loved the cake.

  19. Ha, what a great "surprise" party and I love the way you documented it for blk&wh Wednesday. Awesome.

    What a cake....really perfect!!!

    Thank for sharing with us in the fun!

  20. So cool. Great series of shots!

  21. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I love this post. It looks like such a fun time. I am laughing my head off about how you were waiting and waiting. I am glad you could surprise him : ) That is so special! I know he will remember it for a long time. He has a wonderfully warm smile : )

  22. I loved the cake! Your post made me smile with the play by play. :D

  23. What a great cake! I had to do a double take at the b/w. I thought it was a real record player.

    Such a cute post!

  24. That cake is GREAT!!!

  25. Looks like a fun time was had by all. Great job on the cake by Steph and the baby is beautiful. George looks a lot like his Dad methinks. Glad you all had fun.

  26. What a fun cake! It does look pretty retro in black and white! The party looks fun

  27. What a fun birthday! That cake looks delish in ANY color! Yum!


    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  28. Fantastic cake!!!! So much talent!!!! I wish I could bake and decorate a cake like that!!!! Wow!!! Looks like such a wonderful party!!! And so happy for you for such a loving helps, doesn't it? Doesn't make it all better, but it helps!!! Love you!! Janine OX

  29. GREAT job on the cake!!!

    Happy birthday, George!

    You ARE getting good at this, Lisa! :)


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