Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Black and White Wednesday ~ Liz's Best Friend

This is my, every bodies Liz's Stephen.

He is 15 years old and stands over 6 foot 4 inches. 

His heart is as big as feet. 

If there is water around, he is in it. If there is work to be done, he does it.

If this little girl is around....He will drop everything and do what she asks of him.

This is Mary Elizabeth's big brother...We should all be so lucky.

the long road


  1. Yep! We all love our Steve, Steve!! ;-) He's a peach.

    Love, Marg

  2. Aw, big brothers are the best ... which is probably why my sister and I unofficially adopted so many throughout our growing-up years! A lovely tribute to an obviously special guy.

  3. Now wait a minute, Mary can use him, but I saw him first.

  4. Wow! that is exactly the kind of teen age boy I need here, mine is pretty good but NOT that good! Such a nice moment! Thanks!

  5. My girls have a 6'4" big brother too. We love him! Steve seems like a real gem. All girls should be so lucky to have such a wonderful big brother. Some day, a special girl will be EXTRA lucky! ;)

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  6. Makes me wish I had a big brother!

  7. That is so sweet, Lisa.

    Look at these awesome kids you're raising. You're clearly doing something very well!! :)

  8. oh, we should all be so lucky! He sounds like a wonderful boy - and you captured their relationship so well!

  9. 6 foot 4 at 15? Oh MAN, I think I have a budding one over here at 11 years old....if mine grows that big (as the pediatrician said he would) I may be in trouble. I'd better start working on my leverage NOW!

    I just love the photo you chose for B&W with this post. It sure does show just how mutual the feelings are!

    How proud you must be of your Little (BIG) Boy!

  10. A lovely and peaceful picture. He's such a nice and caring brother.

  11. He's every little girl's dream brother! He's wonderful! Love this photo! Love this family! Love you! Janine XO

  12. What a wonderful big brother.
    Gorgeous picture Lisa


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