Sunday, March 21, 2010

Snapshot Sunday ~ MAN!!!

You know sometimes you just get those shots that say,

"Oh! Wow! I can use this one for Melissa's "Snapshot Sunday".

So you save the picture and try not to forget you have it.

BeachMarathonandbirthdaypicture075.jpg picture by marka5477

Well, I didn't forget!

Reiner had a birthday last week AND out of respect for my elders

I am not going to tell you JUST how old he is this year...or next.


Happy Birthday Month Riener!


  1. Oh boy! That's a Man with a lot of HOT AIR!!! ;-) My much Older husband said he knows where you live! (From his much much younger wife) Love, Marg.

  2. Great shot. I love it.
    Hope he had a great birthday. It's funny, we never get tired of blowing out candles and we definitely never get too old for cake.
    BTW..thanks for the kind comment on my blog.
    I totally admire you. Homeschooling aside you're an awesome person....just by reading your blog, i get a peek into your world and i really think that your family and friends are truly blessed to have you.

  3. Just catching up on your Finnell news and glad to see you are celebrating life just like you always do. Happy Birthday to all the Birthday people, Congrats to James. I loved the pictures of the snow fall in Simpsonville and of Mary Elizabeth with the spring flowers. Great work by Katherine and her Little Flowers and Jim loved seeing her playing basketball.
    Happy spring to Y'all.

  4. What a great, fun shot!!! I love it when you get that totally natural candid capture!! Isn't it wonderful? Happy Birthday to Renier...a little bit late! ~Janine XO


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