Friday, March 1, 2013

On his way Home

It has been nearly two months now since my oldest has gone away to college

Nearly two months to the day when I was dreading that day we were to pile in the car and drive 1000 miles to  a little town called  Atchison, Kansas. I tried hard not to cry the whole way. . . but you know what?  Even though I am not a crier. . . I just couldn't help it. 

Two months later, I still really miss  him. Even though, the house is just a little quieter: I have the  other three to keep me going - this home of ours is still pretty noisy, NOT at all much neater. . . or much cleaner. 

Tonight I'm on my way to Atlanta to pick him up for spring break and I can't think of much else.  I can't seem to keep my eyes off the clock or  get things tightied up around here.  Today even though I really care about the mess I just can't seem to get it done. I just keep thinking he's coming home and I have to get on the road in time to get him. 

I hope I don't cry when I see him . . . but you know what? Even though I really am not a crier, I am afraid I might.  I will be so happy to see him I think I just might.  

It's hard being a mom to almost adult children. It's really hard. 


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  1. good luck sweetie! Adult children are more independent, but they are more fun when you get to hang out with them. LOL! It's your party, so cry if you want to!!

  2. I know...

    I read a beautiful poem, years ago about parents, and can remember just two lines. I don't know who the author was, I thing Mary Ann Rdamacher.

    ...May you be the kind of parent who dare to toss their child into the air, so they can learn how to fly....

    ...may you be the kind of parent who have the presence to catch them... so they know how it feels to be safe...


  3. Hugs to you! I know how you feel. Enjoy your spring break! Love, Vidya

  4. Enjoy your reunion. I have one off at college too, so I can totally understand how you feel.

  5. Love the photos! Stunning sunset in the background.

  6. No matter how old they are, it's still very difficult to see them climb up the ladder of life -- past our reach. Handsome boy! Enjoy your visit.

  7. He is a very handsome young man. I hope you have a lovely time while you are back together


  8. I'm many years out of college and my mother still cries every time she sees me and every time one of us leaves. And that's okay!

  9. Being a mom just doesn't get easier, does it? I hope you both have a wonderful Spring Break!


  10. Hug him extra long and enjoy the time together.


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