Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Long Time no Post

Did you know it was 108 degrees in Simpsonville last weekend? 

108! ! ! 

Man it has been hot! 

I know, it's been a long time since my last post, and my music REALLY needs an overhaul. BUT . . . I read some where that one should never work on a blog in the pool.  I think the article said: it would be best to take a camera and leave your computer at home.     You never know, you might miss a cool shot! 

Happy Fourth Y'all! 



  1. 108?! That is crazy! Stay cool and in the pool!

  2. having a camera at hand all the time certainly lets you catch some good stuff you might not have been expecting.

  3. Neither camera nor laptop likes fluids. But I would opt for the camera, whether hot shot or cool shot.

    We have had two 109 days, and other days of 107, 106, and all 3 digit #s in between. Today is 104.

  4. haha!! So glad to have you back!! Hope you are having a great summer break...:D

  5. I love this pic! No I think it is best you don't blog while getting wet.

  6. Very cool shot. Glad you didn't put up the one of the "pool runner" :)

  7. Oh that is a cool shot! It has been uncomfortably hot here too. The wonderful humidity always adds to the heat index too. :( Sounds like you are having a great summer! Thanks for joining our 'color your world' challenge!

  8. Hi, dropping by from " Our world Tuesday". Nice shot! I agree with you, you cannot take the computer out there with you!


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