Sunday, July 29, 2012

An update on Aubrey

Hey!  I want to thank everyone for all the prayers and well wishes for Aubrey.  Y'all are truly the best! and . . . She is doing better

~ as we say in the South at times like these ~ 


This is the scoop as of today: Aubrey is out of ICU and is eating and drinking on her own now. Even though this baby girl of ours is still on dialyses, the doctors feel her kidneys should start to function within a couple of days.  We are told her stay in the hospital will be a long one but . . .for now. . . her doctors say she seems to be out of danger.   A BIG Yay!!!!!!

again ~ Let's keep praying and I'll keep you posted.

xoxo. . . Lisa


Playing along with Ni hao Y'all ~  this photo was taken with natural light on a Fujifilm S1000 and then edited in black & white


  1. I'm a Wisconsinite, but I STILL say Praise the Lord about answers to prayer like this!


  2. i will pray for Aubrey and her family.

  3. Hey Lisa - I just spoke to my mom tonight and she told me the news about Aubrey ... thanks for the update. Poor little thing!! We're thinking GOOD thoughts and sending lots of healing prayers her way!!

  4. One of many cuzzins!31 July, 2012

    Glad to hear Aubrey is doing better. Still sounds serious. She is in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. very nice blog... thank to share.. i love it.

  6. yes..praise the Lord!! Aunbrey can show us all what is important in this life....

  7. Am so glad to hear this! Was going to ask for an update. And the pic is GREAT. Still hard to believe George is a grandfather!!!!

  8. More prayers are answered that we can ever count. Love the precious picture.


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