Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Civic Duty, Confirmation & a Few Confessions

Last night, Kathryn received the Sacrament of Confirmation.  The ceremony was beautiful. 

As we waited for Mass to begin I tried to adjust the settings on my camera.

And I tried. 

And I tried. 

Not getting the lighting thing down, I thought: "Oh, Well.  I'll just put all my photos in black and white and post Wednesday on Lisa's Long Road to China and Back; Black and White Wednesday.

Then I  realized, the red in Bishop Gulielmone's vestments were too brilliant to put in black and white.  

But, what a minute! There is another problem! Stephen has his eyes closed. Drats! Stupid Stephen!         I had one shot at this last night and we blew it. 

Because these photographs are so important to me,  I did what any good mother would do.

 I cropped Stephen and Liz out of the picture, put a cool frame around it and hope no one will notice Liz's arm sticking out on the right side of this photo.  

Whatever you do, just don't look there.  Okay???

I took what I thought was a decent photo of my mom, Mark and the kids. But, there is Stephen again with "the"eyes.   

Then of course, I took this one of Deacon Matt slugging my son in the face.  AND I thought. . .Can I use any of these photos for a post about the wonderful thing that happened last night? 

When I learned from Communal Global Photo Bucket is holding our pictures hostage, I felt is was a civic duty to post and link up to them

So here I am:  helping out my fellow blogging Sistas at Communal Global, confessing all my photograph sorrows,  and posting about the wonders of the evening.


  1. The photos are lovely, especially ones of the little one!

  2. Looks like you have lots of great shots. You captured the moments wonderfully! Congratulations to Kathryn. What an awesome step in her faith journey. Stopping by from communal global! :)

  3. What a special night. I laughed about your solution to the closed eyes : ) Crop him out and give it a snazzy frame! Brilliant!

  4. Poor Stephen. Poor Liz. Cropped right out.

    Beautiful pictures of a wonderful event.

    My hubby, who is quite fascinated with all things Catholic, even though we are protestants, tells me that the bird cardinal was named after the red of a Cardinal's robe and not vice versa.

  5. You're funny. Love the photos, even the one where eyes were closed. ;) At least you captured these precious moments in time. Someday, you'll smile as you reminisce.

    Thank you for linking up with us at Communal Global. :)

  6. I don't think our bishop attends all Confirmation here. How special for Kathryn. :)

    LOL, you are funny! Poor Stephen... and thank you for linking up with Communal Global to help "free" our photos. :)

  7. I love all of the photos. Who needs a perfect shot? Life isn't perfect, but still wonderful.

  8. You could not a take a bad picture of my Stephen.


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