Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just a Little Something I Forgot

As I was looking through the archives of all my past posts ignoring the laundry and dishes pilling high behind me completely aware of my surroundings, I noticed I had  forgotten about this very important post dated July 21, 2010. 

  See this tractor? 

Well, if I put this post on, I would have told you all about this tractor needing a home or a barn. 

Specifically a POLE barn. I think that simply means a barn with a pole in it.  

But, anyway, the barn was built.  Bill, both Georges and Tommy...built a barn made out of poles that will last well over a 150 years and this barn will hold a tractor. 

If I put this post on, I would have mentioned the intense heat last July. I would have also mentioned how cool the barn was on the inside when the  doors were left wide open. 

I would have told you how the wind would blow through these large doors cooling everything in it's path. The wind brought everyone much relief. 

I would have told you all about Tommy, my brother's friend, working on the roof in the 105 degree July heat and how he really just didn't seem to mind.  I think he was just happy to have work. 

I would have mentioned to you that Matthew 

and Stephen painted this pole barn in the intense July heat.  I would have mentioned how the boys came home dripping in sweat and how exhausted they were, not only from the days work, but from the intense Southern July heat. 

Did I mention the month was July and we live in the South and IT WAS HOT! It was really, really hot! 

But, I didn't mention any of it at all. The whole event just slipped by me. It wasn't that I didn't think any of this was important. I simply forgot to go back to the sight with my camera and get a new picture of the now RED barn.  So how could I have posted? 

And then of course, I didn't want to hear Matthew say,  "Wow, your finally putting that stuff up?"  Like he just said today.               Stupid Matthew!            


  1. I wish I knew how to build stuff...

  2. Oh goodness, Lisa. My cousin collects and restores antique tractors - - - he has LOTS of them, so of COURSE he had to have a barn too!

    You can see my post about THAT here:

  3. Should I say better late than never. But then it was a great project marvelously executed by the boys.

    Your summer temperatures rival ours; i wonder if the humidity does, at least at times. We live near a huge body of water, an inland lake.

    When I lived in Texas, if you lived far West, humidity was a non-factor, normally.

  4. We had just moved here (June 28th) so we were just amazed at how hot July was! yikes, I cannot imagine how hot your boys were working outside in that weather!

    So is the barn red now? or gray? It is very pretty!

    xo ellie

  5. Ha! That's what happens when we are so diligent and busy at home that we forget to post stuff worth mentioning on here!
    So yeah, Lisa, it's okay, you can do your laundry tomorrow :-)

    Happy Easter!

  6. looks pretty awesome!
    Love your sense of humour too.
    Great pics

  7. We'll just consider this the almost 1 year anniversary of the barn.

  8. Your team made an excellent job! The barn for this red tractor is neatly and artistically done. Your diligence and patience in working under an extremely hot temperature really paid off! By the way, for how long did your group work on this barn?
    Kevin Noel


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