Sunday, February 6, 2011

When I Grow Up

The morning started with Matthew coming down the stairs at 8:00 A.M. all dressed and ready to go. Ready to go??? Where are you going? I asked. I knew he went to the "Spanish" Mass last night with his friend. And, I also knew he went to his friend's house to watch a movie after.

 How do I know this you ask? I know the friend's parents and they told me. 

So anyway, back to this morning: Where are you going I asked? Matthew's response was, "I'm going to the Soup Kitchen." I look at him and say very irritated: "I wanted you to take your sister." He says to me, "Oh! I forgot." I then go up to his sister's room and tell her to get ready in a hurry. I then fuss at her about what a mess her room is. I just can't believe it! 

I go past Matthew and Stephen's room and see Stephen's things are in a mess too. The room looks like a bomb went off.  I tell myself, when he comes home from that Young Men's Discernment Retreat I'm going to really let him have it. 

I go down stairs and I see my teenage children happily getting ready to go and serve the world. I start to ask very irritated again "What time will you be back to clean up your mess?" Instead I look at them and say, "I'll see you later."  

As they drive down the driveway I think. . .Gee, What's wrong with me? These kids are great! My 18 year old son got up and was ready to go out the door at 8:00 on a Sunday morning to serve his fellow man at a Soup Kitchen. He took his 13 year old sister and for the most part they get along. 

That other kid of mine,Stephen, is at a Young Men's Discernment Retreat: playing, praying and learning about God. Tuesday's these  young men of mine teach a third grade religion class. There is a Bible Study on Friday nights they can't wait to get to; they never miss the Youth Group on Sundays.  And now, I see them spending their free time doing things for others.  And I think. . .Where did these kids come from? Their mom is such a witch. GEEEEE!!! I hope when I grow up  I can be more like my kids. 

But, there is just one thing though. I still want them to clean their rooms. 


  1. Matthew, Stephen and Kathryn are wonderful examples of what's right with this world, even if their rooms are messy. You can see the kindness in their eyes, they will be very thoughtful, responsible young adults when they leave home and their rooms behind.

    Hope Kathryn's ankle is feeling better.

  2. I LOVED this post! Your kids are wonderful, really wonderful --messy rooms and all. :)

  3. High Five to you and your kids. They're pretty awesome.
    Cheers, jj

  4. Hahaha!! And am waiting for my kids to get a wee bigger to clean up their room!! Don't tell me i will be cleaning when they are all grown up!!!
    It's nice to know that siblings get along well. Kudos to your son on the religion classes he volunteers.

  5. HI

    Great kids and a great Mom - :-)

    Love Gail

    p.s. just close the door to their room and NEVER go in them, ever!!


    Love, Marg.

    PS I was rooting for the Steelers. However, our Brian (Mark's Godson) was pulling for Green Bay. He liked their uniforms better. ;-)

  7. I never miss a post. I never comment. I am a complete lurk-er. This time I just had to say, I love this post! I truly LOVE your blog. Your stories always come alive. You should write a kids book.

    Your kids are awesome just like their mother.

  8. I bet you they think you are pretty great too.


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