Friday, February 11, 2011

Advice ~ and then she snapped

Since we are on the subject of improving photography skills, I thought I would give the meme  and then, she {snapped} a shot today. 

and then, she {snapped}

In this meme we are to give advice about photography. Now remember, I am not one to give advice often. I know my photography skill needs much improvement. To be totally honest about advice, there are many days I don't want to hear it at all. But you see, the advice I have for the many novices out there, like me, is not my advice at all. So I figure, today, it might be okay. 

So listen up and pay attention! 

First tip of the day: 

Comes from my cousin Anne. She has a delicious little blog she calls Simply Sweeter. She not only takes great photos, her cookies, cakes and fudge are just to die for. 

Anne's word exaclty: "Sometimes your photos are blurry." 

I remember being stunned. I remember saying " Blurry? They are? Really?  She gave me many tips that day like: using your continuous button when shooting the kids, using the intelligent face button detection and lighting and boy did we talk about lighting.  

The tips were very helpful. But, there was one thing she said to me that really blew me away. 

You ready for this one? She said: "Have you had your eyes tested lately? " WHAT!?! Well, she says "Your pictures are blurry." 

So, I had my eyes tested and yes, I need glasses. I even had the prescription filled. But, there are times I just don't feel like wearing them.

Then there was that day Liz and I were at the park. 

Elizabeth and I met friends of ours, Ellie and her daughter Tia. You may know them from the blog Shine. Her photos are just beautiful! Ellie knows a lot about cameras and I think she is a real photographer. She was asking me questions like "What is the aperture in your camera set on?" 

My response was an very intelligent  ~ "Huuuu. . .?" She goes on to explain sometimes my photos are just to bright and I can adjust the settings. "Oh!" I say. . . "adjust the settings." Just so I didn't appear stupid, I pretending I knew exactly what she was talking about.   She then started throwing questions at me like: What settings are you on? What speed are you on?  What this? What that? 

She made me dizzy. The only response I could come up with was. . .What???? And then she says . . ."You know, Lisa, you really should read the manual to your camera." 

"Woooo! Okay what a minute.....What??? "Read the manual to my camera??? Uhhhh?" That will help??? I mean, I have seen people read manuals. I live with people who read manuals all the time. . . But. . .mmmm, I wonder where it is?  

I went home and searched. . .I found the manual I had in French. I even found the manual I had in Spanish. It's to bad too because, I can't read either one of those  languages. 

Weeks went by. Finally I went to the internet to find a manual for my camera in the only language I know. 

So here's Ellie's Second Tip of the Day: 

Read your manual. 

I guess when it comes right down to it, I do have photography advice. . .Are you ready for this? Do not throw out the manual that is written in your language.  They are so much easier to read that way. 


  1. Lol!!! I haven't read my cam's manual as yet and I am clueless as to where is it..:D
    I am speechless too, when anybody speaks in camera language!!! So, you are not alone..:D

  2. Hi

    great post - wonderful style and your pictures are beautiful, how could they not be with those 'models' :-)
    Love Gail

  3. ok, YOU, my friend, are funny. And your pictures are fun. Thanks for linking up.

  4. WEARING the glasses are the next great tip. Much improvement though since your prescription was filled. LOL LOL


  5. I have my camera's manual right here in front of me, but I've yet to really get into it. I know I should... and soon!

    Thanks for the reminder. :)

  6. LOL!!!!!!! I laughed so hard at this. As Rachel said, You are funny!

    Great Post! Great tips!


  7. Your tips are priceless ; ) I love this post. You are clever...and the girls? They are the cutest little things in America! 2 thumbs up!

  8. I just retrived my manual for little Canon as it all of a sudden has made itself a new folder. gotta figure that one out, too.

  9. this post..
    i never read the manual on my camera..and it's funny because my hubby is always harking at me to read it.
    great photos of your beautiful little girl

  10. So funny, I think you finally got your photo shoot techniques down, these pictures are awesome.

  11. It seems like many of bloggyfriends are on break! Hope you've been snap-ping! :-)


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