Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 18 1953

This day would have marked the 57th year of marriage for my parents. 

I am so proud to say my parents meant it when they said those words.  They worked hard on the marriage that seemed to come so easy to them.

Even though our dad's body is no longer with us, it seems his strength and his spirit will live forever in our mother and in all of us. 


  1. Beautifully Done

  2. Oh my...what a testament to love and sacrifice and mostly, the Lord's love and grace.
    What a beautiful, but surely hard day for Grace.
    Please pass along our love to her...


  3. A lovely thought. It seems our parents in general work harder at everything than my generation. A commitment was a commitment and your word was your honor.

  4. They were very fortunate to have found one another.

  5. Oh, Lisa...I'm so sorry I missed this yesterday...Such a busy weekend...I hope that it wasn't too difficult a day for you and your mom...Your parents were such a beautiful couple...your mother so beautiful and your father so handsome...and such a wonderful team...truly inspiring...I am so glad that you have such a treasure...I love you! Janine XO

  6. What a handsome couple they made.

    What a lasting memory and life by example their love gave to all of you.

    We should all be so lucky to witness and experience a love like that.

    I imagine this is a very hard day for your family and my thoughts are with you.


  7. What a blessing to have such parents and role models

  8. Very nice, they were very blessed with the years and love they shared.

  9. Such a lovely couple.
    My dad passed away many years ago..i still have their wedding picture up.
    ...once in a life time love..
    seems they've passed their love and morals on ..

  10. Okay. Well. Next time...(don't scroll down!)

    Beautiful post. Beautiful Marriage. Beautiful parents. Beautiful daughter.....(me) ;-) Just kidding. Needed a laugh for a minute.
    Love, Marg.

  11. this made me cry and cry.

    Their love was so beautiful.


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