Wednesday, October 14, 2009

For Janine

Dear Janine,

As you undergo surgery today;

I send to you

"Wings of Hope"

Wishes for a speedy recovery,

Nothing but Good News: No Sniffles just Smiles,

Only the Best of Chocolates


Of course

Lots of Ice Cream.

Love, Lisa


  1. Lisa! So glad you are doing this too! She will feel loved and most of all, will be prayed for. You are so sweet and ALWAYS a huge encouragement to ME!

  2. Another person whom her life is touching ... :}

  3. Thank you Lisa. I know how hard this is for you right now. In encouraging others it helps us also heal.

    And I am reading your ordeal too. Every family has a story I have discovered, and most often it includes the "Big C"

  4. Dearest Lisa,
    You are certainly very good to me!!!!Especially since your heart is so heavy!!! You are a courageous woman...and you friendship means so very, very much to me!!! "Talk" to you as soon as I go off the morphine and oxycodone!!! Love you, my dear friend!!! Soon, we will share that bowl of ice cream!!! ~Janine XO

  5. Very lovely letter to your friend.
    Hope her surgery goes well

  6. ...and if you guys don't mind, I will have scoops of ice cream, too!
    (okay, a bowl! ;-)
    Both of you are unbelievably strong women!

  7. Hello, Lisa! Just stopping by to tell you that everything went well, and I'm feeling a little better today!! Hope you are okay...I've been praying, and praying for you and your family!!! Much love to you, my dear friend!! Janine XO


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