Friday, July 24, 2009

The Present from Heaven

One day this little Barbie Bag fell from the sky. ((well, the attic really)) Mark went up into the attic to check something. This bag was where he need to be and he threw it out of his way....right down the open stairs. It fell at the feet of our soon to be , at the time, three year old daughter.
It was like a present from Heaven.
I put this bag in the attic years ago when Kathryn lost interest in it. It held...well...Kathryn's Barbies.
I remember the day I threw it up there thinking ~ one day I would sell it on E-bay.....Hmmm... well, we all know how worked out for me. I'm really glad I didn't have to pay extra to "sell" it now.
Elizabeth feel in love with this bag right away. She put it to good use immediately. She filled it with many special things. These things may change from day to day. We just never know what that maybe...after all it is a woman's prerogative they say...
Yesterday, for our visit to Grandma's Elizabeth filled her bag with;
*Big Girl pants....Not to be confused with diapers. ((Gee, you people are so judgmental))
*a Tiara ...A girl may never know when she needs one. ((She may have to prove she is really a princess.))
*Pajamas ((for the late night ride home))
*Blocks ((these are her favorite toys at the moment))
*an extra pair of shoes ((you just never know if you may need them))
* little toy bear...
~ Day or Night ~

This bag goes everywhere with us; whether it is to the store for milk, up stairs or down ((in our house)), Nana's house, a trip to the mountains, or a day at the park... This bag filled with Mary Elizabeth's prized possessions and necessities travels with us.

She loves this bag. Who knew something thrown to the side with haste would bring her so much joy?


  1. Anonymous25 July, 2009

    She is just adorable!!

  2. She is really an organizer. Last night she knew just where everything was, but, all she wanted to do, was put her wet bathing suit and her vest in her luggage. She is really a keeper.

  3. Anonymous27 July, 2009

    Love this post!She is so cute.

  4. One of many cuzzins!28 July, 2009


    I'd love to meet your little princess. She really is a cutie pie. And, I am so happy that you have her in your life. What a beautiful gift.

    ~Regina ;)

  5. Awww a treasure from Heaven.
    How sweet. I love that she takes it everywhere.

  6. Anonymous29 July, 2009

    At least she's fashion conscious - the most important thing in a young diva's life.

    Cute pic's. Marg

  7. She, herself, is a treasure from heaven Lisa. :) She is a BEAUTIFUL child (but you already know this!).


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