Wednesday, May 6, 2009

OOP! There it is again!!

So the other day, Well maybe it was a couple of weeks ago…….I was talking to a friend of mine. I don’t know if I have mentioned this or not but I try (and I use the term loosely) to sell Mary Kay. Every now and then I may have a class for a friend who is trying to raise money for something special. I give the profits to the charity and sometimes I get a new customer out of the deal. It is a fun way to help out a little and try to stay connected. I am not the greatest Mary Kay consultant there is………I don’t keep a lot of stock in. I don’t have very many parties and I don’t try to get new customers. I fit the Mary Kay in when I want to or if someone asks me. I really like to use the products for myself. I can get it for half price being a consultant and well, that is enough for me. So anyway, we where talking and she was telling me what she thought……..She thought I needed to make Mary Kay more of a priority. I was not doing all I could……… I need to sell, meet people and just be a GREAT Mary Kay woman……I can do it! ….I can rise to the top! Get a car! OHHH!! ……."It takes work! Hard Work!" And I need to get out there and place my orders and decide what I want and…………HERE it comes………..P-U-T My PRIORITIES in order. I simply smiled at her.
Well, this made me think another time I had this conversation……..I thought of the time I sat in the office of my Karate Instructor or shall I say………the Master Instructor of all of South Carolina……… maybe even the country…..maybe the world….I just think he is that good. I remember the day we had “the talk”……….I was teaching classes at the school but I did not receive payment…AND ……..I paid for my families instruction……….(Yes! I know! C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!! Who in their right mind would do such a thing………only a real sucker)………WELL, NO! People who have a love for the Martial Arts do these things…….and people that just want to learn all they can. You will do it especially if you are told you would recieve ONE ON ONE instructions with the Master……. You grab it! AHHHH!! To do that again...... how Tempting!!!!!) OH Sorry! I forgot what I was saying! Back to my story; I walked into the school excited about a weekend trip that Mark had surprised me with………He had planned a trip to the beach. But! The trip interfered with the classes I taught at the time.…….I asked one of the other teachers if they could cover my classes because I was going to the beach………She couldn't and to my surprise someone else told me……… HERE it comes …… I needed to put my priorities in order and decide what it will be. You will be pleased to know, I went with my family……….We had a great time. The women that came to my classes understood why I canceled and wished me well. But, there was trouble when I returned.......I was told I was taking to much time off and away from my training, away from my classes…..I really needed to decided what I was going to do……I needed to it comes again......Put my Priorities in order........I did……..I hung up the teaching towel………or It hung me up……..Yeah! That was more like it……….I was “weeded out” …….like it so often happens when your priorities are not in order. All okay because I loved it ALL and even though I was sad not to teach anymore I think it was time to stop. I still went to class and enjoyed it all very much. The last Karate straw……..I was expecting our fourth child……….It was time to step back from what I truly loved to do for myself and enjoy the new gift we where receiving. I put my priorities in order and I am now taking a break from Karate. I realize what all these people where doing was telling me my priorities needed to be their priorities and they where very unhappy that I was not conforming to their norm.
In my last post, I recieved a comment from a friend of mine that I never expected………She told me how much she admired the things I did. She told me I have been an example for her………she even went as far as saying I (me) am an example of a Proverbs 31 women……which I had to look up……..I know now …She is giving me way to much credit…..I was stunned and honored by this and I really didn’t know what to say or think. After giving it much thought….....very much thought………I have to say……….I had a Great Example………My Mother. She taught me how things should be done………When we where growing up she was the one that was there for us. She was the one that put her self last. She was selfless………She was the one who put the family first. She was the one who would be there with the kids, doing home work, getting the meals and helped my dad with his business……… helping his dreams grow. She was the one that gave the support…………..She was and still is the wind beneath our wings. It just so happens I (WE… all 5 of us) have been blessed with two wonderful parents……….Great examples of how to give of yourself……how to give to your family. However, I must give most of the credit to my mother. She has taught me that my family should be first. Everything else comes second. My intention in my past post was to show my priorities are my family just like my mother taught us all they should be. All 5 of us are many things but the one thing I know we are is excellent parents. Let’s face it………… I am not a doctor. I will not be saving lives anytime soon. I am not a writer. I will not be publishing books that will change the world…….. I am not a political figure. I will not be changing laws in the near future………Today.....….I am a wife, a mother and just a woman…….Just like my mother……….I am proud of that. My hope is to be the example for my family……… she has been for hers.
With all that said……….I know now why I can smile and walk away when someone tells me my priorities are off………When my priorities are not what someone else wants them to be. I can walk away happy knowing they are wrong and my mother was right when she taught me what was important in my life. Thanks Mom……..I Love you!


  1. So nice Lisa! But I still don't think she'll share chocolate with you.


  2. Ahh...the good old days! I loved taking karate and kickboxing but I remember those days very well and I too was scolded for NOT putting karate before EVERYTHING in my life. Well...I'm with you sister! Family comes BEFORE anything and everything. Anyone whose family is not their first priority should be ashamed of themselves! Your mom should be very proud for raising you with those standards and your family is blessed to have such a great mom who puts them above all else. I know we're all blessed to have you as a friend that's for sure!

  3. One of many cuzzins!07 May, 2009

    Beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman. But that picture...not so beautiful!!!

    Aunt Grace you are A*W*E*S*O*M*E!
    Everyone loves you! Happy Mother's Day to you and all those Southern Belle Mothers in the family.

    Lisa, your priorities are in perfect order. If more women put their children first, we'd have a much different world.

    Happy Mom's Day!

  4. Anonymous07 May, 2009

    Just Beautiful! You are so blessed.

  5. What a beautiful tribute to your write so well when you speak from your heart!!!!!! I love this, and have the greatest respect for both you and your mom! Happy Mother's Day.

  6. Anonymous07 May, 2009

    What a nice tribute.

  7. I do believe you quite have your priorities in order, much more so than many that I know! Good for you for loving that great family you have!


  8. You are very sweet, Lisa.
    And very lucky to have a mother like yours.
    This is indeed a beautiful tribute to your mother.
    Happy Mother's day!

  9. You are so right. It is easy to be manipulated away from your target in life. You are strong! Happy mother's day!

  10. I wish I had a mother like you had. I had to learn things the hard way. Now that I'm on husband #3 I'm going to do things right. Thanks for posting this Lisa. It's beautiful right from the heart.
    Sometimes you can change peoples lives just by being an example. So glad I found this today.

    Happy Mothers day to you and your mom. :-)

  11. What a terrible picture of that woman. Who the H--- is that? Just because your kids are so handsome, you don't have to show me up like that. Next time, get me when I have Mary Kay on, and NO MORE CLOSE UPS. UGH! Your not gettting any more simply sweeter cookies. Thank you for the nice remarks, and your so right, I am not finished with you yet.

  12. Anonymous09 May, 2009

    This is beautiful. What a nice tribute for Mother's Day.

    I see love and warmth in the picture.

  13. Lisa, you are too good to me...I have simply been privileged to know some very wonderful people! And you, my friend, are among them! Happy Mother's Day! ~Janine XO

  14. Happy Mother's Day / Feliz Día de las Madres
    Mary Elizabeth @ Now and Then

  15. This is an absolutely perfect Mother's Day post. And, a perfect example of having one's priorities in order!

  16. Wish we could sneak into one anothers' kitchens for a cup of coffee on the weekends...but I am so glad that we can at least "meet" up in cyberspace :-) You're the best!!!! I am so fortunate to have a friend like you!!! Much love~Janine XO


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