Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SNOW! Southern Style!

Yay! SNOW!
Wonderful Snow!

Stephen is caught in the first Snow ball fight of the season.

We where having a great time........
The power went out!
We didn't have electricity all through the night.
It got cold!
Really cold!
Not cool......well, too COLD!!
TREES came crashing down and the wind made terrible howling sounds.
I was a very worried about what the morning would bring.

It brought.......


With the power back on and with a good cup of coffee...... the snow was a welcoming sight.

A beautiful! SIGHT!
We had so much snow Alex and Brian had to crawl to make it home!! SHUU! Alex made it,
with a little help from his friend. On our end Kathryn knows people too! And so does Mary Elizabeth.
Natasha was not amuzed.
She had enough!
After all,
she is a Southern Bell.
Today the snow is, for the most part, gone.
The roads are clear and we are back to school.
it sure was nice to have a day of fun, snow and electricity!


  1. Oh how is wish we had had that day. We only got enough snow to tease the girls and make them sad that there was still school the next day.

  2. Oh how I wish we had that kind of day. We only got enough snow to tease the girls and make them sad that there wasn't enough for a snowman.

  3. I think you stole all of our snow! Fun day!

  4. I can see that you are getting into this blogging thing... good job on the pictures and story. (and looks like you have a following) Marg

  5. I'd love to be hit with a snow storm!! Those pictures are great!!

  6. Enough snow already. Every time I went out yesterday with OUR perfect two year old, I got pelted with snow balls. Even the perfect one hit me right in the ear. Now I ask you is that any way to treat a grandmother???


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