Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And Now She Says Everything!

Now that Mary Elizabeth is 2 years 9 months she just says everything, CLEARLY. She understands everything......and she is just so darn smart it is amazing to me. She knows all her colors. She can count to 14 and she recognizes letters as we travel down the road. It is not unusual for her to see an E and rejoice "Oh, Mommy, Mommy look an E". For months people would ask me when is she going to talk. For a very long time she would not say anything.
Well, She would not say words............She would more or less glare at people.

Let me clarify; it was more then that. This was a judgmental glair. If someone wanted to talk to her and she didn't know them or maybe just didn't like them.........she would look at their face and without moving her head her eyes would travel slowly as she took it all in, from their face to their clothing, right to their shoes and then back up again.

It was is if she was saying "Your wearing that?" With those shoes?" "WOW!"

It was really strange at how uncomfortable everyone including me became. I would laugh my uneasy, embarrassed laugh and the checkout lady or her grandmother, or even my very own sister would say "Wow, I feel like I should not have worn this today." Now, If she really liked you, she would only say things she was sure she could "Mommy", "Nana" "M" and "up". When I would tell her to say down ...............she would say "up". As a matter of fact when I told her to say anything she didn't want to say she would say "up". She called Kathyrn "Y-O" . She would call the boys and to much of Marks displeasure........."Hey"

I remember one night Mark saying to me with alarm........"LISA! She is calling me Hey!" I couldn't help but laugh........Hey! It was funny. It was....... and............. still is........... To me. These days she seems to know everything and she says everything: She understands when her Grandpa is sick and we can't go to "Her" Nana's house to see them. She will say very sympathetically "Oh, Poor Ve-pa. He has chemo." When I am not listening to her and she is calling me she will say......."Mommy Lisa, Please listen." This always gets my attention.

She says "please and thank you" and too much of Mark's delight, when he come home at night she claps and says, "Yay, Daddy's home."

Recently one morning she woke up saying "I just love it when my nana takes me to see the monkeys." mother had told her Sunday on Tuesday she would take her to see the monkeys. It was Tuesday and she just knew it was time to see the monkeys with Nana.....

So they went.

What do you wear to the Zoo?


  1. Cute Love the Lion costume.

  2. Great post Lisa! Loved it!


  3. That post was so good. She really is the cutest child I have ever seen. She is even kind to animals, what did we do before Mary Elizabeth??? What a blessing.

  4. Oh, how adorable she is!!
    Great post!

  5. Oh, this is absolutely fabulous!!! What a wonderful wit, and perspective you have...and a precocious and beautiful daughter!!! Loved this! So glad we've met! Blessings to you, and prayers for "grandpa."~Janine

  6. Um. EXCUSE ME! I Always KNEW what she was saying!! (and still do)

    Her fashion sense is right on!!!! And "your sister Karen" NEVER should have worn those shoes with that outfit! "T-a-c-k-y"

    Next post you have to write about "our" sweet and wonderful 6 foot 4 inch, 14 year old shadow!!

    Love, Auntie M (aka "M", Marg.)

    (PS Do you know how I add the blog to show e-mail updates? Jen gave me pointers but my computer savvy has much to be desired. Still can't figure it out. Any suggestions?)

  7. She is cute and adorable!
    I love your commentary. Thanks for visiting me.
    Mary ElizabethBlog.

  8. What a cute post. I love the last picture.

  9. When I was talking w/ your mom a few months ago, she said that Mary Elizabeth wasn't talking yet. And now? She's erupted in to speech?!

    That's perfect. See. She was just didn't have anything to say before!!

  10. Hi!
    Nice girl, she have 2 age?. very good! Thank you for comment in my spaces. Greetings!!!


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