Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Little Boys

To anyone who reads my blog and has never met my sons, I want to introduce them to you: My sons would make any mother proud. I am honored to have these guys call me “Mom”. They have always been close and I think home schooling has made them even closer. They share everything from a small bedroom to big dreams. My little boys have big values and strong opinions about very hard issues. These guys, although young in years, can hold a conversation with any adult about hard issues. They understand a challenge and love a good debate. They work hard and will do anything their Grandfather asks of them. They want more then anything to make him proud. They want to learn what he knows and they want to share with him what they know. They are always teaching the people around them and my little boys, are always ready to learn. They have big feet, big hands and bigger hearts. Most of all, I know they love me and they truly love their Nana.
Stephen 14, Nana ?? Matthew 16


  1. Geez Lisa, what the heck are you feeding those kids??? They are giants! LOL

    Anne Marie

  2. ...and they're nice kids too! YOu can take them anywhere!!! ;-) M

  3. One of many cuzzins!02 February, 2009


    Some how I missed a few of your birth announcements! When did you have 4 babies?!

    Your boys are handsome and sound like wonderful kids. Maybe one of these days I'll get to S.C. so I can look up at them! They make Nana look like a dwarf!

    I don't know how you homeschool. God bless you! Looks like you've had much success and your efforts have paid off.

    Congrats on such a beautiful family!

    Smooches from your Yankee Cuz!

  4. "Little boys"??????? LOL!!! LOVE thequestion marks you put beside the age of Grace!!!!!!

  5. I really enjoyed seeing the kids and family photos. This one is great. It gave me a good laugh.


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