Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Floating New Year

New Years Eve Stevie Wonder and the gang set off floating lanterns instead of fireworks.

Floating lanterns seem fitting for us this year. 

We have so many changes coming up. Friday Matthew and I leave for Kansas. He will be going to college at Benedictine this year. Remember, I told you he wants to study philosophy? Benedictine is a 1000 miles from our home. 

I'm not at all worried about getting him there. I'm really looking forward to the drive. The thing that worries me the most is leaving the school without my little boy.  I keep on thinking: how do I just leave him there. . . 1000 miles from our home? 

 I keep telling myself - How can he set the world on fire if his mom won't let him? I can't just keep him home forever. That wouldn't be good for anyone.  So we will be off - I may cry all the way home but, that's okay to me -                      He's ready to fly.

Oh! Yeah! Happy New Year Y'all!



  1. Sending a hug to you. He will do you proud.

  2. Beautiful photos, and beautiful sentiment. Learning how to live without my kids in my house has been the hardest thing I've ever had to do, but you are right. They can't set the world on fire if you don't let them go. I love seeing my kids find their way in the world, and watching how they do it!

  3. Happy New Year! Great photo . . . and yes, he'll be fine. It's hard, no doubt, but they have to fly sometime. Love this post!

  4. Great post! Great pics! (He will be fine, and so will mom. Just takes time to get used to the idea.)

  5. So glad you joined in with Little Things Thursday today! Welcome! I love these lanterns! I have always wanted to do this. We use to live in Thailand where this was fairly popular, but we never had the opportunity to release a lantern. So gorgeous. I love what you said about your son not being able to set the world on fire, if you don't let him. I struggle with those thoughts that will be real one day. It will be so hard to let go, trust, and not worry. But, you'll do it! The letting go, and trusting. I'm not sure mother's ever stop worrying. :)

  6. will be a learning experience for all!

  7. Such beautiful photos! Beautiful post - I know everyone will do just great!

  8. I know how hard that must be for you. So glad you're letting him go with Him.

  9. gorgeous images - it is hard to let them go but when you see them take off it is inspiring


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