Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 3 - What I am reading

 Okay, honestly this one worried me a bit a LOT. I do not consider myself to be much of a reader.  I would love to show you I am reading books by:  Chaucer, Shakespeare, and even Dostoyevski.  When I read today's assignment I thought I would just skip this one all together. But, then my daughter said "Mom, you always have a book in your hand."  You read everything we read and more. Your always studying something. 

I am???


and then I looked around and thought -   Huuu?

Reading is my thing. If I'm not teaching reading to my 1st grader, I'm reading to her. If I'm not reading to her, I am working with my high school kids reviewing: Chaucer, Shakespeare and all things British Literature.  When I'm not reading with them, I am reading things my oldest writes and wants to publish or I'm  reading about how to "Write a Term paper"

 I am reading books on nutrition because of "the little problem" Mark has with his heart.  I'm reading an American Sign Language book . . .And when I have time for myself I read on the computer about photography.   I just may be a reader.  

Uh? Who Knew???


  1. Lisa! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) It is amazing how many similarities we have. I love how you said that you found your identity in your family. Can't say that it happened for me but I admire that in you. Looking forward to this month of photos.

  2. That is a lot of reading. That last time I picked up a book, was to find a ibuprofen dosage chart!

  3. Looks like my book list. I have them all over the house. ;)

  4. Lisa...thanks for stopping by Our Adventure with Boys. Reading to your kids is some of the best reading we can do right? Love this...

  5. Hmm. Do books on tape count?


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