Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's Finished!

Remember when I told you Stevie Wonder was making a bench for me? 

I told you how he cut trees down in our woods, stripped the bark and designed this bench all on his own.   He worked on it . . .well. . . forever! 

You remember don't you ? 

I told you how big this bench was and how it would comfortably fit Stephen's 6'5" frame. 

and then. . .We laughed and decided we should call it "the Paul Bunyan" bench.  

So we did! 

Well. . . It's finished! and it's just wonderful! You have to come over and try it out. 

I'll make coffee. 


Playing along with Ni Hao Y'all ~ the first photo is unedited. I had my camera set on "natural light". 


  1. And it looks utterly beautiful too.... milk and one sugar please.


  2. That is so awesome!!!!!!! I especially love it because my hubs is 6'6" - so I can fully appreciate something that can accommodate the stature.

  3. Not only is he handsome and strong of character and body,
    he really thinks big. What a guy!

  4. I'm loving Paul Bunyan, and "he's" just perfect in his little habitat.

  5. Yes, I remember! It looks fantastic. Lots of love and hard work went into that ginormous bench.

  6. So impressive - that is one sturdy looking bench :)

  7. OMG!! I have missed so much! I'm catching up on Mom's computer.

    Why haven't you called me & invited me to have Hershey Kisses on that bench?? I'm on my way! Wait. It's raining. I'll be there tomorrow! Give the kisses to Kathryn to keep safe until....... Hm. She was the wrong one. There gone aren't they?

    Oh Well. I love the bench!

  8. Oh... I want one! That is fantastic!! :)


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