Monday, May 16, 2011

I Heart Flowers . . .Just Because

This week on I Heart Faces the challenge is flowers. 

These are flowers Mark brought home for me last week. . . just because.    I'm not sure of the name of these, but I sure did enjoy them. 


  1. What a wonderful reason to get flowers! I don't know what they are either I'm afraid, but they're absolutely beautiful!!! :)

  2. He is such a gem, isn't he : )

  3. They are Peonies, Lisa. They are lovely and smell wonderful I bet...I grow some just like them!

  4. Oh so pretty. I love flowers. We go for walks all the time and it's difficult for my little ones to NOT pick other peoples flowers..they are so attracted to the pretty colours. But I let them pick all the dandelions they want. lol..

  5. very pretty my friend :)

    xo ellie


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