Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Little Boys

This is a picture of the backs of my "Little Boys" and our Priest, Father Theo.

The backs of Stephen, Matthew and Father Theo...In the cowboy hat.
We were at a church party and Father Theo was teaching the boys my young men how to line dancing.

Every time I see these guys standing with grown men I am in awe and I wonder;

 "When did they get so big?".


"Where did the time go?"

When I see them from this angle...I think WOW! with a big grin and IT cracks me up every time.


  1. Great picture - looks like you were having a good time.


  2. One day, you're going to say the same things about your little girl :-)

    But it's true. Where does time go? I always tell my mom what happened? I was just 4 yesterday!

    Wow, your sons are really tall!

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  4. Awwww i feel the same when i look at my boys...
    16 and almost 19..
    line dancing

  5. Anonymous31 July, 2010

    That boy needs to stand in a hole!

  6. Anonymous...HAAAAA! HAAAAA! HAAAAA!! so true and funny!!!!!!!! :)

  7. Funny Picture! Lisa. Love Father Theo! We are so fortunate to have him as our parish priest! Great spiritual leader! Marg


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