Saturday, January 2, 2010

Uncle Paul ~ December 29, 2009

I am sad to say my uncle died this week.

Paul E. Hayward Sr.

December 29, 2009

There were many things I didn't know about him:

The biggest thing I didn't know about him was ~ He was a World War II Veteran with the US Navy. I was so surprised and proud when I read this......I had know idea.

The one thing I do know is how my cousins feel tonight and I can only imagine how my Aunt Ann, his wife of 58 years must feel.

I don't know who actually reads this little blog,


You are all in our thoughts and prays here in South Carolina.

We know how you feel. We know your pain and we are very sorry for you all.

To my Aunt and all my Hayward cousins, I want to tell you ALL how very sorry I am for the loss of your father. I also want to tell you all; We heard of the great care you gave him in his last days. Hold on to that and each other...For these are the days strong families shine.

Much Love, Lisa


  1. Such a beautiful, loving, sympathetic and compassionate post, Lisa...your family will feel so loved and are all simply amazing...I love you. Janine XO

  2. One of many cuzzins!04 January, 2010


    Thank you so much for this thoughtful tribute to my Dad. He was a very generous man who loved his family. He was always there for us, ready to lend a hand or give advice. His passing is such a tremendous loss for us.

    They came to his wake by the hundreds. And, on a cold snowy morning, every pew was occupied with tearful mourners for his funeral Mass. It was a beautiful tribute to him. A good man who touched so many lives.

    His last 9 days of life were spent in an intensive care unit. He was surrounded by his family; never left alone, regardless of the hour. He knew we were with him. It brought him as much comfort as it brought us. We all hated to see him go. We didn't have much time to prepare, but it is very consoling, that we all had a chance to spend time with him and let him know how much he meant to us.

    We felt your prayers. Thank you so much for your warm thoughts.


  3. So sorry for your loss.
    Lovely post .

  4. Oh lisa, what a beautiful tribute to family and to love and to the strength that takes us through loss.

  5. Very nicly done Lisa. Yes, Uncle Paul was a veteran and proud of it.
    Your Mom and I go back a long way and were bridesmaids at Ann and Paul's wedding. Lets see, I think I was 13 and your Mom 18. (Do not tell her I said that.) I knew that his family would be there with him. They are a very close family. They have raised some remarkable children and have always made everyone feel so welcome in their home.
    I have been trying to write a note to the family, but right now, my tears are in the way.
    Paul has left a great legacy in his family. They are, each one, kind and giving.
    Paul was so proud of his family.


  6. Dearest Lisa, Just stopping by to send you my love...and to let you know that I'm thinking of you...and hoping you have avoided the crud...and that you are well!!! Love and hugs, Janine XO

  7. A very loving and sensitive tribute--a reminder we never truly know some persons in our own family.


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