Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Birthdays

As January ends the Birthdays begin....
First there is Karen
Then there is Bill Mark's Mom Margaret and My dad
We celebrate these birthdays in one big party.
This year we went out to eat and everyone came.

We even needed two very long tables

My mother seemed confused about all this. But, she shouldn't be.

She knows there are a lot of us.

Even though we celebrated the January/February Birthdays together

We have to celebrate it all again and again on the actual day.........

We must have another Cake and a 'Happy Birthday' song.


Whatever the case may be.........

Is it because we like cake, pies, singing or just plan eating?

Well......some of us do!

But then again!

We have a LOT to celebrate!

George your next!


  1. Really nice post!

    BUT ~ there was ONE person missing....I noticed, HIS children noticed, even Our Mother and Our Father noticed.

    Evidently, One of his "favorite" sister-in-laws didn't....perhaps it was because she was busy taking pictures ~ ;-)

  2. Great pictures! I just love to see these big Irish families.


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